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buy peach blossom

carry lanterns

decorate a christmas tree

dress up

exchange christmas resents

get presents

get red packets

go trick treating

have christmas show

make jack-o'-lanterns

sing christmas carols

visit relatives

watch dragon boat races

wear new clothes

wrap presests

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    buy peach blossom買桃花

    carry lanterns提燈籠

    decorate a christmas tree裝飾聖誕

    dress up裝扮

    exchange christmas resents(presents?)交換聖誕禮物

    get presents獲得禮物

    get red packets獲得紅包

    go trick treating玩"不請客就搗亂"遊戲

    have christmas show聖誕節目

    make jack-o'-lanterns整杰克燈(把南瓜刻成人面形的空心燈籠)

    sing christmas carols唱聖誕頌歌

    visit relatives探親

    watch dragon boat races觀看龍舟比賽

    wear new clothes穿新衣服

    wrap presests( presents?)包禮物

    2008-12-07 17:30:57 補充:

    go trick treating玩"不請客就搗亂"遊戲

    〝(trick or treat) 萬聖節玩的遊戲〞

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