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The Camphor Forests of Dongyanshan and a pit-stop in Fusing

Motoring our way up the mountain roads of Taoyuan (桃園) County, I noted with sadness that most of the mountainsides have been stripped of their original forest cover. In some areas, bamboo has flourished in its place, and in others, scrubby trees fill the void.

However, smothered atop all the vegetation are brilliant bluish Morning Glories. These elegant wild flowers seem to have been draped over the logging scars by an unseen landscaper.

It was a Sunday, and for the past 2 years or so I have held to the cardinal rule of not visiting tourist sites in Taiwan on this day. But a former student and friend urged me on one day while looking off my back balcony in Kwei-Shan Township, where, on a clear day, I can behold an awesome expanse of the Central Mountain Range.


had been wanting to get up in those mountains for awhile now, but I could not find an easy road up from this section of Taoyuan on my scooter, and the traffic was so chaotic during my attempts that I finally gave up.

Update 2:

So, when an opportunity in the form of a cozy automobile presented itself, I grabbed it, despite the fact that I would be breaking "the Sunday rule."

Update 3:

This is Atayal (泰雅) tribal country, and bright aborigine artwork livens up the painted sheet-metal and corrugated iron architecture that plagues so much of Formosa.

Update 4:

Hardcore mountain-bikers struggled uphill and whizzed down past us on our way to Donyanshan National Forest Recreation Area (東眼山國家森林遊樂區), a secondary forest of camphor trees that was planted after the original tree cover was harvested for commercial logging many years ago.

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    然而,悶死之上所有的植被是輝煌的藍色上午輝煌。這些優雅的野花似乎已經覆蓋了伐木瘢痕看不見的landscaper 。



    所以,當有機會的形式提交舒適的汽車本身,我抓住它,儘管事實是,我將打破“星期日規則。 ”


    硬山自行車上坡和掙扎下跌whizzed過去我們的方式Donyanshan國家森林遊樂區(東眼山國家森林遊樂區) ,一個次生林的樟樹是種植後,原來的樹木覆蓋的收穫很多商業伐木幾年前


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  • Dongyanshan樟腦森林和在熔化坑停止



    森林蓋子。 在一些區域,竹子茂盛了在它的地方和在其他,矮小的樹填裝空隙。




    因此,当以一輛舒適汽車的形式一個機會提出了自己,我劫掠了它,竟管我會打破" 星期天rule."

    這非常是Atayal (泰雅)部族國家和那被繪的金屬片和波状钢的建築學的明亮的土人藝術品livens瘟疫福摩薩。


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