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Please pick a number and have a seat

1. HTML clipboard What does the sign tell you to do?

(A) Sit down after taking a number.

(B) Stand in line after taking a number.

(C) Pick up a seat with a number.

(D) Keep your number and seat.

Dance party Roberts High School.Doors open at 7:00 PM.

Dance until midnight to your favorite rock and roll music!


NT100 for student

2. HTML clipboard What time does the dance start?

(A) It starts at midnight.

(B) It starts at dawn.

(C) It starts at seven o'clock.

(D) It starts at half past ten.

3. HTML clipboard How much is it for two students?

(A) NT$500.

(B) NT$100.

(C) NT$200.

(D) NT$250.

Betsy's Breakfast Specials

A two eggs and toast + ham or bacon +small orange juice and milk


B cheese and egg breakfast sandwich ham + or bacon +hashbrowns or

toast + offee or tea (Whole wheat,white or raisin bread)


(Large OJ add NT 5)

4. HTML clipboard What kind of bread do they NOT have?

(A) Whole wheat.

(B) Plain white.

(C) Bread toast.

(D) Rye bread.

5. HTML clipboard Which meats do you have to choose from?

(A) Chicken and ham.

(B) Ham and pork.

(C) Bacon and ham.

(D) Hashbrowns and toast.

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    1.(A) Sit down after taking a number.

    2.(C) It starts at seven o'clock.

    3.(C) NT$200.

    4.(D) Rye bread.

    5.(C) Bacon and ham.

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