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The disruption in the circadian rhythm that results from shift work can lead to a number of physiologic challenges . For example, the body temperature is regulated to decrease with the diminished activity during nighttime sleep, and increase in the daytime when there is a need for alertness and physical performance. Those who work into the late evening and during the night shift are challenged because the circadian rhythm is prompting the body temperature to be at its lowest when the person needs to be most active. In contrast, the normal circadian rhythm of a rise in temperature at mid-day can disrupt the night worker’s attempt to sleep, because this elevation signals the body of the time to be up and alert.

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    起因於變化工作的晝夜節奏的旋律的崩潰能導致一些生理學的挑戰。 舉例來說,當有對警戒和身體的表現需要的時候,身體溫度被管理在夜間睡眠,和白天的增加期間以被減少的活動減少。 進入晚上底的人們而且在夜班期間被挑戰因為晝夜節奏的旋律正在促使身體溫度成為在它的最低當人需要 睡眠休息

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    在起因于輪班職工的晝夜生理定律的中斷可能導致一定數量的生理挑戰。例如,當有對警報和物理表現时的需要在夜間睡眠期間,體溫被調控減少與被減少的活動,並且增加自白天。 工作入晚上和夜間的那些人轉移挑戰,因為晝夜生理定律提示體溫在它最低,當人需要是最活躍的時。 相反,因為這海拔發信號時候的身體上升和機敏的,上升的正常晝夜生理定律在溫度的在午間可能打亂夜班工人的嘗試睡覺。

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    例如,當有對警報和物理表現时的需要在夜間睡眠期間,體溫被調控減少與被減少的活動,並且增加自白天。 工作入晚上和夜間的那些人轉移挑戰,因為晝夜生理定律提示體溫在它最低,當人需要是最活躍的時。 相反,因為這海拔發信號時候的身體上升和機敏的,上升的正常晝夜生理定律在溫度的在午間可能打亂夜班工人的嘗試睡覺。

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