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    Style, and Carlo's Zhenshan is good, of self-interest is a good fake good. At the heart Zhenshan good deeds is to put on other people to do good deeds is a good fake. And it is nothing good Zhenshan, has been seeking to do good is a good fake. Well, what good is it correct, and the distortion of it good?

    Fifty years ago, 37-year-old Mother, Calcutta has become an aristocratic Catholic school, but she decided to put aside half a lifetime ago, the achievements have been used to give up comfortable lives to serve "the poor Of the poor ", and on the streets are covered disease, all dirty foul, clothing Biti of the Rangers do not live together, and they eat the same food, wear the same clothes. Just because she felt strongly for Christ, she said: "I am hungry, I am naked, the homeless, I", from the deep inner call, the call she took to the old Calcutta, the mess of the streets, approaching The poorest of the poor, serve them and serve as Christ. Her faith and her compassion, her not hesitate to give up everything, smiling in response to the call of God. She said: "In every one who saw Jesus," Fanfusuzai as I can understand that when we have to Godliness, dedication, sacrifice their lives for love, the value of the value of every life, serve everyone. And when we do not own any of the selfless achievements, some people can not bear to suffer the compassion, the rich and the poor were not as high or low of humility to heal the world of poverty, selfishness, will be able to put aside all ethnic, linguistic barriers, with a pure heart Heart, a simple action to love to pay.

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    BE conducting, benefit other people of kind is really kind, the kind benefited oneself is leave kind.The good conduct delivered to heart is really kind and the good conduct that packs to let other people see is that the leave is kind.Have no beg and for of kind is really kind, have to strive for and is of kind is leave kind.So what is a kind decorum, with falsity kind?

    50 years ago, Sister Teresa was 37 years old, was already the principal of a Catholic in Calcutta nobility school, but she decided to let go of hard the first half got of achievement, abandon have already become accustomed to, comfortable life, serve "the poor people in the poor people", and street up the whole body was a disease, the whole body dirty and smelly and in rags vagabond to live together and ate same food and wore same clothes with them.Only because is, she severely feels the Christ says to her:"I am hungry, I the naked body, Is are homeless", comes from internality deep invoke, invoke she walks old old up Calcutta, mess of streets and alleys, walk up the poor people in the poor people, wait on to receive them, like wait on to receive Christ.Her faith lets her milli- don't hesitate ground to give up everything with her commiseration and responds an invoking of God by smiling face.She always says:"See Jesus at each personal body", ordinary people as me, can what to realize BE, we be with respect Qian, offer, give up the love of body, think greatly of each value of life and serve each person.And when we with not is wes achieve what of unselfish, cant not bear to someone suffer hardship of commiseration, not the rich and poor are high or low and humble respectively and cure the beggarliness of in this world, selfish, can let go of all races, language of misunderstanding, with a single eye use a heart of simplicity, a simple of the action pay a love.

    On September 5, 1997 virtuous thunder a kind of insect the nun is because of heart

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