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Suppose that the function f:R^n ->R is continuously differentiable.Let x be a point in R^n. For p a nonzero point in R^n and α a nonzero

real number. show that δf/[δ(αP)] (x) = α[δf/δP](x)


I can't understand

please give the answer

thank you

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    This can be done by chain rule

    please check the webpage

    let $$u=ap$$ and $$f=f(u)$$ at u=x

    then $$\frac{\partial f}{\partial p}(x)=\frac{\partial f}{\partial u}(x)\cdot \frac{\partial u}{\partial p}=a\frac{\partial f}{\partial ap}(x)$$

    I wonder if your question is correctly stated...

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