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I wanna purchase an African Parrot.?

Interested in purchasing an african parrot but I am not sure what to look for. Any suggestions because I would be a first time owner. What should I look for in breed and etc.

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    There are several different families of African parrots: African/ greys, Poicephalus, lovebirds, and Vasa/black parrots. One name that you can Google is Jean Pattison African Queen. She is a breeder of greys and Poicephalus, and co-authored a book with Rick Jordan (Google his name, too).

    There's Old World Aviaries' web site that has a lot of information:

    For African greys, look up Pamela Clark and Jane Hallander. You can get some of their articles, and other informative articles at:

    For information on lovebirds, I would start with:

    I have five greys, two lovebirds, and one grey and one Timneh in foster care. I fell into parrots when someone gave me my first grey. After all the hundreds and hundreds of birds that I've been around, my choice (if I were just starting out) would be a Poicephalus or a Timneh. I think these are all-around great birds. I like their size, and personalities.

    Good luck

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    With African Greys and all parrots, there is no such element as too massive whilst it includes cages. as long by way of fact the bars are close adequate mutually so they are able to't get out, it is sturdy. they are as intellegent as babies and want as plenty stimulation, time, interest and interest by way of fact the adverage pre-schooler. Cages are like preserving a newborn in a closet. determine, the bigger the closet, the greater useful. EDIT: i assumed the measurements have been in inches. If not, the minimum length for an AG is double it is (grownup length) wing span.

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    I have an african grey and he is just as sweet as can be. Very smart, very friendly. His intelligence is unbelievable. Mine is a Timneh. Just amazing.

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    They are very noisy and live for 70 years. Or a very long time anyway.

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