Ghost adventures question?

I actually have two question..

1. Was Zak Bagans in a another show called Globe Trekkers.. His name sounds so familiar!! I think he was actually on another show, only thing is, I cant seem to find it when I look online.. grr so does anyone know?

and question number 2.

Do you think that the show honestly captures some real ghost hauntings? or is it just for pretend?

Thanks! Ciao

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm not sure about the Globe Trekkers part, all I know is that he is supposedly a documentary film maker from Las Vegas. As for the realness of the series, well... I don't think they intentionally create stuff, they just don't do much to disprove a lot of it. When they record faint "voices" they seem to be able to make out more stuff than I ever do. I prefer watching "Ghost Hunters" since they take a more skeptical, scientific approach. However, "Ghost Adventures" cracks me up so bad. Their goofs are hilarious, and there seems to be many in every episode. Sometimes the stuff creeps me out, but then I start laughing at their reactions as they start screaming "Dude!". So if you want authenticity, I recommend SciFi's "Ghost Hunters" on Wednesdays. But "Ghost Adventures" serves a purpose, but I don't think it's to prove the existence of ghosts. :)

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    1 decade ago

    I agree with JAirplane, Ghost Hunters is hilarious. The guy tries to 'provoke' the ghosts into making contact by acting all tough, then as soon as he hears a noise- he turns into a little girl. He gets all scared and yells "Dude" to his buddies. I laugh my butt off whenever they get freaked out. It isn't very scientific like Ghost Hunters, but it is always good for a laugh. I don't know if anything they see or hear is real and don't think their methods would stand up to any scrutiny by science. But I guess for entertainment purposes it's worth an hour of my time each week. I can't miss it. As for the first question, I have never seen the guy on any other shows as best I can recall.

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