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why isn't Jesus healing those suffering cancer, leukemia,aids,people with missing limps?

disabled people, obese people .....................any more?


u didn't mention disabled people. people that can't walk. i remember Jesus just let them walk right away. why doesn't he do that any more? do all those people not deserve to walk? being disabled is all their fault? even they pray hard, they still can't walk, can they?

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    Hello friend

    When Jesus was on the earth he did all of these things. He did it to show mankind what he will do when God's kingdom comes to the earth. Satan is ruling over the earth now. Has been since the Garden of Eden.There is much proof of this in the Bible. It is a little known fact. After Jesus was baptized he went into the desert to fast. During this time satan approched him and offered Jesus all the kingdoms on the earth. If he did not have control of them he would have not stated that. That can be found in the early chapters of Mathew. Jesus also call satan the ruler of this world.

    In the Lord's Prayer we pray for God's kingdom to come to earth! Soon that time will come and it is so close right now! very soon Jesus will do all the things for mankind who learns his fathers way. Jesus said most of mankind will die at this time because they are mislead by satan. Check Mathew 7;21

    Please e mail me if I can help in any way.

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    I have wondered as well. And never got the answer, Like cancer is a genetic mutation of DNA. He "supposedly created everyone in his own way". If he loved everyone like he saids, Why would he cause so much pain in so many lives. Make people suffer. Or make it where HIV can be passed through a child at birth, All the child did was to live.

    Not obese people, unless there is something physically wrong or some sort of disease that cause it. Other then that, obese people brought it on there self's and if they wanted something done about it, they could.

    That is why I do not believe in "myths". It's all made up nonsense.

    And yes I believe I evolved from a furry ugly hairy animal. And not ashamed to say so. =-D

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    It is tragic that these diseases exist and are beyond our control. However, everything happens for a reason. I've had a family member suffer from cancer and her death actually brought the family together and made our faith in Him stronger.

    If the world and its events were designed for our convenience no one would need to call on Jesus...

    Also, one of my friends has a brain tumor and the doctors told her that she did not have very long to live. She is a believer and is still alive today -- 8 years after she was supposed to pass.

    You cannot put all your faith in the ways of the world. You have to trust Him and let His will be done... without questioning it.

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    The answer's in the Bible. Maybe you should read it instead of trying to subtly bring God down. Because whether you personally choose to accept it or not, when you die, you don't just go black in vision. You go to God. You are human and have a conscience; it is the only possible explanation.

    The bible says basically that those who have ears, let them hear; also, that people should pray to God, and that God answer's prayers often, but the people who are dying and don't want to pray to God... do they really deserve his help, if they disrespect him? Who's better- God or humans? So why should God save a lowly human, if not only do we not worship him 24/7, but we disrespect him and discount him?

    P.S. God helps those who help themselves. Maybe those with cancer should have been in the sun less, and smoked less, ate right, and exercised hard.

    Maybe those with aids shouldn't be homosexual, or have sex with strangers or people with an STD. DUH.

    People with missing limbs can't be "healed" if their arm is already chopped up or frozen in a lab somewhere, you idiot. God isn't going to do a miracle where it indisputably proves he exists, in this day and age; then how could he weed out the good from the bad?

    And those with missing limbs aren't dying, they can still function. Look up that wrestler who has all 4 of his limbs cut off short. He still kicks butt!

    Obese people. OMG. Did you SERIOUSLY put that. You could have said mentally handicapped, people oppressed under communism right now, starving children in africa, the christians getting slaughtered in the Sudan, or orphans...

    and you say OBESE PEOPLE?!?

    Fat people can eat right, run, eat hot peppers to speed metabolism, eat a little less, stop eating junk food completely and only eat organic, exercise a lot with sports, running, and weights, take vitamins, and get more sleep, and eat a big breakfast, smaller dinner, and 7 meals a day.


    P.S. what about heavyweight wrestlers??? If he took their weight off, they wouldn't be able to wrestle in their weight class!

    Source(s): Last P.S. Jesus said, "what good is it, if a man gains the whole world, but loses his soul." why do people care if they die on earth? The whole POINT is to go to heaven for INFINITY YEARS! Not 20, not 50, not 80, not 100.... 100000000000000000000000000+ years! THAT is a lot of years! THAT is worth going to! Heaven is what people need to base their lives around going to, that and God and Jesus. Who cares if you have a disease? Who cares about having a good or bad job? Who cares if your day is fun, or if people will remember your name? The point is going to heaven. That is the past, the present, and the future. That is what everything is based around. And sadly, within 100 years, the majority of people on this earth will likely be in hell. And even some of those who profess Jesus' name, but do not act like it or believe it truly... will spend an eternity.. in Hell. So many people are deceived, and so many adults are deceived, and so many youth are deceived into believing that because they prayed a prayer, one time in their lives, that they are going to go to heaven. ====================== LINDENAI, HE DOESN'T HELP PEOPLE WITH DISEASES ETC. BECAUSE 1) HE'S GOD HE DOES WHAT THE HECK HE WANTS PERIOD, I DONT SEE PEOPLE QUESTION CHUCK NORRIS SO HOW THE HELL CAN YOU EVER QUESTION GOD?!??!... AND 2) HE DOESN'T DO IT BECAUSE THIS LIFE DOESN'T MATTER! HE WANTS YOU TO BE WITH HIM FOREVER IN HEAVEN, HAVING A DISABILITY ON EARTH IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE SAVAGE FURY OF DEVIL AND GOD'S WRATH IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!
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    Jesus will not just "jump" at the snap of your fingers when YOU want something done. I lived all my life with a mental illness (now in my early 40s). Jesus did not answer my prayers. He did not really "help" me until I humbled myself enough to be open enough to receive his help. It's difficult to explain. Anyway, I did humble myself that low (it's VERY low). But now, I am protected and feel safe from "death". I believe that Jesus sometimes uses people's disabilities and illnesses to teach them humility through them.

    Yet I still have my mental illness. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.

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    Another person living with flesh sight instead of spiritual sight. The flesh is under the curse of death. It must die. Although Christ has defeated death and because of that the way to new life is from death.

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    He either doesnt know about them, or knows about them but cant help them, or knows about them but chooses not to help them. In any case he's not worth revering is he

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    No, the bigger question is: Why doesn't he cure the disease to begin with?

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    I concur with JD.

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    He's kinda dead, you know?

    Source(s): "limbs". A missing limp would be a good thing. The real question: how can anybody believe in a god which created (even indirectly) all those horrific diseases?
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