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Scary movie to watch with your boyfriend?

Okay, so im having my boyfriend over next week and he says he wants to watch a scary movie, but i like never watch them. Im not really into this kinda stuff, so i don't really know what to rent. I also really don't like them like at all because i get scared easily. If anyone has a suggestion on a scary movie (but not too scary) which i could watch with my boyfriend that would be great

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    Ok hopefully these will not be too scary for you but scarier enough for your boyfriend.

    1.Prom Night: A Man escapes the mental institute and comes after a girl on her prom night killing anything and anyone who gets in the way.

    2.Night of The Living Dead; The dead comes alive killing people.A group of strangers become trapped inside a farm house.

    3.IT: A group of friends have to deal with this evil clown that only they can see.They return as adults to face IT once again.

    4.Chucky: A killer 's soul gets placed inside of a doll.

    5.The Bride of Chucky: Before Chucky was a doll he had a girlfriend.She wants t obe with him and so becomes a doll.Together they cause a lot of problems.

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    The trick is to be specific. does he like super-natural horror or gory horror? Is it the twist at the end, or can you handle not knowing the real truth? I like supernatural horror, so movies like The Eye or Watcher in the Woods is nice, but gore horror, try for High Tension or the latest Saw, or for twisted horror, go for Silent Hill, or if you are into foreign films, Old Boys, also try comedy Horror, anything from Troma Team, or a B movie like Gacy or Brotherhood of the Wolf. A good fall back is always a classic, The Werewolf or The Mummy or Dracula, those have class.

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    For a GOOD scary movie, but not horror inducing, I'd recommend an older movie called "Lady In White". It's available on DVD at most widely known rental stores, and you can read a good review on the movie by Roger Ebert at the below me, you'll find it well worth the watching.

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    Sean of the Dead if you don't want something too scary but fun to watch.

    Or, Jacob's Ladder... it's an older movie, twisted, confusing, and a little disturbing.

    Either one fits.

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    The Descent

    28 Weeks Later

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    you should really watch the movie mirrors that's scary so when u scared all you got to do is hug into your boyfriend

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    The exorcism of Emily rose( not too scary, very unique story line, different from the usual routine, based on a true story)

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    The Grudge. The hills have eyes. Saw I. Saw II. Saw III

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    "Idle Hands"'s scary comedy

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