Are the proctors at the SAT II's allowed to touch my calculator?

I want to put formulas into my calculator under the programs button.

The last time I took the SAT IIs, they erased all the memory in my calculator. I heard later that they are not allowed to do this.

Are they allowed to erase the memory in my calculator before I take the test? I'm taking Math 2 by the way.


It's not illegal to have that if they don't have a policy against it. That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Well, maybe YOU just aren't smart enough to figure out how to put formulas in your calculator.


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    haha, all the kids in my physics class was just talking about the same thing too...we are all taking math 2...and the thing is, to be on the safe side, (if u have TI-83 or 84), press the y= button and store all the formulas in THERE.....just remember not to clear it...even if they check it, they wont check that can put letters and SENTENCES -lol- by clicking on the alpha button, then pressing correct number with the matching letter on it...........

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    dude, wtf! stop cheating you cheap *****! it's an unfair advantage to the rest of us

    if they suspect you're cheating yes, they can erase the memory for sure

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