Changing my original stereo into a system?

Ok so i still have the original but i want a system. I want to know is there a fit for my Chrysler LHS 97' that wont ruin the rest of the cars features. Its a really nice car, low gas nice paint leather seats, 22's. The only thing it needs is a kickin system. can i get a list of what i need and there is something that would cover it up around the new stereo so it doesnt look ugly.

This is a stock photo of the same car same year but diffrent type?

Mine is a little diffrent button wise, but its pretty much the same thing except ya the buttons are a little off

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  • ib
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    1 decade ago
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    get a stereo for a double DIN or got to www.crutchfield. com and get the specific adapter meant for your particular ride.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes, crutchfield will have the adapter you need for a standard sized head unit, it will look good too. plus if you buy a stereo for 129 and up the install gear is free

    Source(s): ordered alot of car audio gear from crutchfield
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