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Do you, as an American, understand the concept of being humble?

Do YOU ever stop to think for yourself , that just maaaaaaaaaaaybe , there are people in fellow 1st world nations , that have life as good if not better than you , in any way at all?

Or are you convinced that everybody else is jealous that you were born on a particular land mass , and that foreigners couldn't possibly be bursting with pride themselves about being born in their respective country......

Do you understand that an ALMIGHTY amount of anti-Americanism would disappear quite quickly if you just had the self control to not blindly tell everyone you come across that you live in the greatest country on the planet?

By the way im reaching out to the people here who aren't hopelessly brainwashed, mind you im expecting some pathetic answer yet again that im somehow supposed to be jealous.

I live in Ireland and i can assure you i dont feel in any way that im missing out in life because i wasn't born in America.

And if anyone cites " Freedom of speech " as some sort of leverage to say your better than a country in western Europe , let that ring a bell in your head for you to realise that you are truly ignorant.

now , Where are the American's that are humble? give me some shred of hope that your nation isnt hopelessly drenched in mind numbing arrogance.

There is nothing wrong with being patriotic , but my god the way ye go on you're heads are so far up your arses its gone beyond a joke.

Remember , ye are 53 trillion dollars in debt , hardly something be be jealous about.

watch I.O.U.S.A

Sometimes the breathtaking arrogance of some of you makes me wish you're nation goes down the toilet.

Im guessing you're assuming i hate you're country.....nah i dont......i detest ignorance......mixed with arrogance.

Most other countries get on fine due to the fact they have a healthy respect for each other , they dont scream at the other that they are better , its called being humble.

WAKE UP and realise people do not hate you due to jealousy, people are annoyed that you ignorantly brag about having thing's over and over again, that infact many many other countries also have, but some of you are too narrow-minded to realise.

Get a clue

( for the love of god i want the people who understand exactly where im coming from to know , that this isn't directed at you, id buy yas a drink if i could)

btw this is in the military section becuae i know this is where alot of yas would be, considering ye probably love answering any questions that allow you to state that you have a superior military =P

what an epic rant



im just basically fast forwarding to the main point of that documentary.....yea take a look its only a minute long

Update 2:

Alex're well on ur way to getting best answer.........not bothered that ya dont like me ...........but because you're the exact opposite of the kind of people who give ur country a bad reputation.

have a good day

Update 3:

lazer kidz.....ya its really pretty here.........i go to college on the west coast..........good too expensive though...........yes the country is green.

Update 4:

Charity..........i can say this...........british comedy must be taken with a pinch of salt........type in Al Murray on youtube.......that man takes the piss out of tellin ya ........people dont get a negative opinion of americans through that.

i Have seen some of little britain yes lol

Update 5:

warren v............erm........we have freedom of speech.........we can protest to our have no more freedom's than us.............potato famine?

haha in the 21st century? OMG how will we ever survive?!?! haha

mate......Ireland is separated from britain by nothing but the irish sea......close enough for british re-inforcements to double up strenght.

America is across the atlantic......and mate.......lets be honest.......ya needed the french to gain independance.

Update 6: must understand i don't make the mistake of blaming the people for what the government does.......the only problem i have is outlined above,and maybe the odd war here and there , and if you aren't included in that , which obviously you aren't , i dont have a problem with you.

btw i don't really see any pressure in this part of the world for america to be donating money to starving people, thats everybodys responsibility in the long run.

Update 7:

wickedlester............thanks :)

you will probably get best answer.


Update 8: keep that in mind in future. thanks

Update 9:

Taz are aware that the Irish got rid of the British in 1921........have you ever heard of the irish war of independance???......Northern Ireland remains in the UK solely because of a democratic decision to be there. If the majority of Northern Ireland wanted to join the free state , it would.

You probably think Ireland is still part of the UK.......idiot

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    Simon, not all americans feel that "we" are the only ones capable of having a good life. most are(imo) very patriotic towards this country. then again maybe i only feel this way because i have been to other countries while serving in the Navy, and as a result have seen the good and bad of other countries as well as our own. Some are just ignorant of the fact that this country is a "teenager" as far as age of its Society. I think that this country is hated not due to jealously but to our perceived arrogance. this is my personal opinion,i base this on conversation with people from the other countries that i have visited. i am proud to say that i consider these people as friends in that we have/had respect for each others opinions,religions,etc and were still able to work/play together. i hope this shows you that not everyone is a mindless idiot. nice conversing with you and i hope to meet you someday

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    Wow, do you have a hard on against America or what, bluntly America is a better place to live than any where in the world. We have more freedom, more ability to do as we want than any country to include Ireland. Since the end of the Civil War in 1865, other than various protests (which, gee whiz are legal, {freedom of Speech}) there has been no "Wars" fought on American soil, not over Religion, not over race, not over disagreements in policy.

    If America goes down the toilet how far behind do you think Ireland will be? You have not been able to get the Brits out for 2 hundred years.

    I only hope there is not another Potato Famine because the likes of you will try (and most likely succeed) to come to America for a better life, get it, and then complain that America is not as good as Ireland.

    Oh and by the way, the USA has the best military in the world, there is not a country on this earth that would last a week if we (the US) fought a war like most countries do, no morals, no ethics, and ignoring the Geneva Convention.

    I am proud because I live in a country that enables me to be proud, telling the truth is not a crime.

    I have double checked "Spell check" because you impress me as one that would use the misspelled word as ammunition to bolster your argument. Very typical of a person that has no ability to support their rant!

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    Ooo you live in Ireland?? Is it really pretty there? I hear it's very green. I've been wanting to go there (not necessarily live there mind you). And to answer your question, i don't think that many Americans think that this country is the best in the world. But, just like in every country, we're taught a sense of nationalism in school. And yes we may be a bit prideful of our country. I think it's because of the history that we are taught. The World Wars, for instance. Before America became completely involved, the Allies were losing. Yes we do have a terrible past and present of greed, but as far as i can tell if America falls, the rest of the world does as well. It seems that since our economy is in a pickle, the world economy is falling also. Immigration could be another factor.....

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    I've been in the military for my fair share of years now, and most of those years have been overseas, korea, japan and europe. I have met some of the greatest people i have ever known in these areas, I even married a chinese woman while stationed in japan. That was an ordeal and a half, but completely worth it. I have been to Ireland also, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I agree with you, there are many of us that do get a bit crazy when we talk to people from other countries. I'm sure that we would definitely have a good conversation over a beer, thats how it starts, one beer a time. thats the best way to conduct international relations, in a pub.

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    I think this is a cultural difference . . . Most Americans (outside of the 5% that are clearly insane) are fiercely proud of their country . . . however I think the European mindset is that we are proud of our country because Europe is somehow deficient or lacking in some area . . . nothing could be farther from the truth.

    In the past six months this is the European news we've received . . . Italy wants to regulate our internet, France wants to regulate our economic markets, Belgium wants to regulate what type of military equipment we use, Britain wants to regulate our airports, and the entire EU wants to regulate our production based corporations on energy consumption and waste vis a vie some not so clever tax scheme . . .

    So from an American stand point, we hear a lot of how we may be idiots from the EU . . . so, yeah, there's a lot of negativity towards Europe in general right now. But not in the context of your question . . . it's more like just leave us the **** alone already.

    Source(s): You have only to look at your own television . . . we get the BBC in the U.S. as well . . . and how much programing would you have if it was suddenly illegal to mock Americans . . . need a source . . . check out "Little Britain" And do you know what Americans hate, pompous assholes
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    Well, to be honest.

    We're taught to be patriotic and to support our Military.

    Mostly we just love our country.

    My grandma came from your great country though and was the humblest person on the planet, and mind you she taught us to be humble too.

    What is happening here now is the classic case of the more that people pick on us the more defensive we get. That's just human behaviour.

    We're tired. We're tired of our politics our lack of Foreign Policy goodwill and to be honest we are sick to death of supporting people and giving money to countries that just turn around and spit on us.

    So now the American culture is going through a change. We really don't want to save the world. But we get damned if we don't.

    If we don't dole out money to every nation that has a starving child, we appear we don't care.

    No not arrogance, it's just we got tired of the world yelling at us all the time about how wrong we are no matter what we do.

    We still love our fellow world citizens, but we are tired of them telling us how to behave and what we have to do all the darned time, because no matter what we do, we are wrong.

    thanks for the response, but we Americans DO see how the world reacts when we don't give billions of dollars because someone is suffering somewhere's, our media is full of that stuff. AMERICA FAILS AGAIN! (it's an actual headline), now we have to take care Darfur, Somalia, and everywhere else that the media keeps telling us we failed at. Like I said we're tired. We are barely holding on to our jobs.

    I think we should just get off the world stage and take care of ourselves.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are a douchebag, You people who don't live in America think we are such a horrible and mean country and we are so smug. You focus on our Government and not our people. NEWS FLASH!!! Most Americans hate our Government. Bush never should have been our president, he lost the popular vote in 2000 to Al Gore, but the stupid electoral college screwed us over and elected Bush. The American people hate being at War. You need to get off your *** and stop listening to every American hating guy you talk to. And we do have a pretty kick *** military, doesn't mean other countries don't have a kick *** military. I think you are the ignorant/arrogant one. Grow a sack and stop hating on the US just becuase of our Government, and a few jackass rednecks who live here

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    Screw HUMBLE of course not, that is foreign to our thought that gal said her Granmda taught her to be humble go badk to Ireland Americans are not HUMBLE. Sounds like Dickens.

    We do not even use the word in America it is probably archiac only used for over Seas Irish citizens that are humble to the Brits.

    Source(s): Your just embaressed because the british are such fools and we got rid ofthem and you couldn't.
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  • 4 years ago

    I only have one comment: KaKAAH *flies away in the distance on my bald eagle's whose wings are made of the American flag with fireworks blasting off)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I dissagree with this whole thing...i do not believe that Americans are outwardly "stuck up" but that we have a great national pride, that many other countries do not seem to demonstrate outwardly....and even if we do supposedly have that high of a debt( i believe its fake) lifes pretty damn good in this country and dont be a hater


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