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Encyclopedia Brown???

Does anyone know what happened to "Laura Bridge" she played Sally Kimball on the 1990 HBO EB series?I cant find anything more than that she was in a few Barbie commercials a LONG time ago,any more RECENT news ? THANKS!!!!

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    well according to the "spanish" imdb .....she has only done the barbie commercials since encyclopedia brown and did "disneyland"[a show] prior to that .....

    but according to linkedin a laura bridge was a student there 1995 -2000[so perhaps she retired and studied ,maybe even started a business....cos not all stay in hollywierd lol]

    mtv dont list any current work either in the industry ....but still list her occupation as an actor ....sorry i cant find anything else

  • 3 years ago

    Encyclopedia Brown Hbo

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