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Where abouts is that Jungle in Australia that the celebs go into ?

where in Australia is that Jungle.......?

and wouldn't you love to go there !!!!!?

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    the camp is in northern new south wales.

    Just north of a town called 'Murwillumbah', a country town of 7,000 people in the caldera of an extinct volcano close to the border of queensland.

    The actual site is privately owned and the entire area is returned to it's natural state as soon as filming is over.

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    there is a Holiday company that has started doing holidays for people who want to do the im a celebrity bit,you stay in the jungle eat the stuff they had to but you have to pay for it! me well i would stick to lying on a beach in the sun thanks.

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    I would but I'm too scared of all those creepy crawlies especially the spiders. Fair play to Martina for doing that trial. Urgh I know I couldn't!!

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    Queensland I think

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