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What does makulit ka talaga Mean?

Please help.

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    Straight from wikipedia:

    Makulit: Describing a person who teases someone, often in a physical way but could also be verbal. A type of playfulness that is considered a positive attribute.

    From the pilipino # KULIT from ULIT, which means repetitive, repeat) Notes: synonyms: elvish, impish, mischievous, playful, prankish, rascally, teasing,

    I think this is a great word that should be incorporated in the English language. I have not found an english word that quite catches the spirit of this word. It describes a kind of playfulness that friends in the Filipino culture consider a positive attribute. However, there is a second definition to it that begins to get closer to the english word of mischievous; a type of annoying playfulness.

    Can also mean "Bother" or "Annoy" e.g. with lots of questions

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    What Does Makulit Mean

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    "Ka Talaga I think Means "You're Crazy"

    Because I remember that Ka is You're, and Talaga means Crazy, Stupid, ect.

    (my aunt uses "Talaga" alot when I mess up or do something insane xD.

    BUT im not sure what Makulit means...=[ sorry!

    Source(s): I am Mostly Filipino xD I am REALLY sorry if it is not what it means, My main lang is English, but if I was born in the Philipines my Offical Lang would be Tagalog. But I just hear and learn words from my aunt. =]
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    i'm a filipino so i can translate that for you correctly and i still know my tagalog

    makulit means naughty

    ka means you

    talaga means really

    so the sentence in english is you are really naughty

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    I think << Do you speak Tagalog ?? >> or something like that in that language. It's a filippino dialect FYI which has a Spanish influence as well as Malay.

    Source(s): I used to speak it a little but am not << pluent >> :(
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    you're really naggingly irritating.

    (not necessarily a negative comment. Depends on the context)

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    It depends..

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    you are very important

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