Can some one look up a rare astronomy phenomenon and produce a photograph?

I know this has been push under the rug by the Navy observatory due to the Navy and air guard got their a.s.s kick out at sea.

Back in either 1962 or 1963 due to the physics of war there was a blue crown with 7 spikes on it 2 short 5 long for just one King for a day seen around the sun from the North Pacific all the way to sunset in Wyoming that grew in Blue intensity as the sun set.

This was the astronomy physics complimentary unto a new kings red blood crown.

If you would also happen to have a picture.

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    At least Jer has gotten a better grasp of what you are saying than me. There is no logic in the words you have typed. "physics of war" is either a new science taught only at military academies or a tag phrase created by some snake oil salesman to suck in customers. Under what numerology does a crown with 2 short and 5 long spikes represent a king for a day. I don't even recall that television show, but I do remember Queen for a Day. And finally, it was visible from the North Pacific to sunset in Wyoming. Since the sun sets for people in Wyoming before it does in the North Pacific, when did the event start. You end up with "astronomy physics complimentary unto a new kings red blood crown" without explaining which definition of complimentary you want to use. I don't recall red and blue being complimentary colours and if a new king had a blood red crown, it means that he didn't clean off the previous king's blood before putting on the crown, blood from the beheading.

    There are few pictures of quackery which is what allows the snake oil salespeople to keep conning the suckers that are born every minute.

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    Let's see... In 1962 or 1963 I was in the Navy. I really don't recall any "a.s.s. kidking" going on at that time.

    There were several nuclear detonations outside of most of the atmosphere during that time that caused some different looking skies for brief periods.

    To learn more, even see pictures, search for "EMP Johnston" and follow the links to "globalsecurity" among others.

  • Anonymous
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    so there was a king who wore a crown and the sun turned blue and people saw it...


  • 1 decade ago

    if there's anything 'rare' you'll find it here....

    if I had to guess, I'd bet on a Lowitz arc... since you mentioned a 'crown'....

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