How can i become a celebrity personal assistant?

i want to to become a personal assistant but mainly for celebrities. How about can i get started on this? Anywho who can help i would appreciate it.

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    Well, I was a celebrity assistant for 4 years. I signed up with Kerri Campos. She matches high profile clients with assistants. Like an employment agency, only for high profile clients.

    First, I will tell you to really question why you want to be an assistant. If you want to do it because you think it's glamorous and will give you the opportunity to hob nob with the who's who in Hollywood, stop giving this career choice any thought, immediately. If you want to do it to further your own agenda, stop giving this career choice any thought, immediately. If you think your friends will think you're cool, you'll feel cool etc. stop giving this career choice any thought, immediately.

    Here's why I say those things. For one, you are the ASSISTANT. You're not their best friend, you're not their alter ego, you are not a CELEBRITY. You are the person that RSVP's to the parties, most of the time, you will not attend them because you're too busy working. You're the one returning the couture because your star will not wear THAT dress to THAT premiere, you're not the one being sent clothing for a fabulous movie premiere. You are working 100% of the time. If you do attend a party, you're working. You're fetching drinks for your boss, keeping him/her away from people she doesn't want to talk to, making sure that her EVERY need is met at any given moment. Stars have huge egos. Don't think they will hesitate to ask you to come over at 4AM because the dog puked on the stairs and don't think they won't be expecting you to clean it up. All at 4AM.

    If you still want to pursue this, you have to realize is that you will have no life of your own. You will have no time. You're the part of the celebrities life that miraculously takes care of all the things they have no time to take care of. Making doctors appointments, picking up the dry cleaning, calling their mother to wish her a happy birthday, picking up a gift for said mother and making sure that the gift appears to come from your star and not yourself, taking the dogs for their shots, baths etc., cleaning out the fish tank, making sure that all other members on staff are performing to your star's expectations.

    Depending on which kind of celebrity you assist (actor, sports star, etc) you will need to have very well rounded knowledge of EVERYTHING happening EVERYWHERE. You have to make your star look good. Even if you have to finish his/her sentences on a topic they're not as well versed on as they should be and you have to do it in a way that doesn't make them look bad. Take the word "NO" out of your vocabulary when you're talking to you boss. There is nothing they won't ask you to do and nothing you'd better not deliver for them, even if it's your birthday and you're in the middle of a birthday celebration with 10 of your closest friends at a restaurant that it took you 6 months to get into. When they need you, you come running, period.

    Also, get ready to have a phone attached to your ear 24/7. Get ready to be online and available literally 24/7. My biggest mistake was thinking "it's not really 24/7". Yes it was! Seriously. Yes it was!

    There are some perks that come with being an assistant but, it all depends on your star. They don't want to feel used. They don't want to feel like you have something else going, other than them. But again, it depends on your star. A good assistant is like a good babysitter. If you rock their world and prove yourself, they will pay you will and never want to let you go. If you're just starting out as an assistant, you need to have excellent computer skills (preferably mac), excellent communication skills, research skills, networking skills, patience, initiative, common sense, extremely thick skin and be willing to run around like a chicken with his head cut off to please your star. You will be cleaning up the dog poop one minute, making travel arrangements the next, communicating with the stars team of lawyers, managers, publicists, stylists, etc. It can be fun at times but it is VERY hectic work and it does not stop.

    You can look at to find out more information or you can email me any direct questions that you might have. As you ca see, I have more than enough information to share in regards to this career!

    Source(s): I was a celebrity assistant in Los Angeles for over 4 years.
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    Are you sure you want to? = ) Do you like to be called up at 5am to be told there are 5 eggs in the refrig tray instead of 6 and to get right over to fix that? Can you tolerate an (oscar winning) adult whining over the way a sandwich is made? Or how about taking directions from a 6 yr old on what type of birthday party you have to arrange for her? It's not a glamorous job and the pay is not that good considering it really is a 24 hour a day job.

    And if you hope to get into the business, it's about the worst way possible. Sure, you'll meet people, but these jobs generally end badly and it's very hard for someone uppity to see an assistant as anything other than. I know lots of entertainment people with assistants and honestly, I can't tell you one assistant who has gone on to make it in Hollywood -- unless they would have likely made it anyway due to their excellent (ivy league) education. The job has hurt rather than helped and usually they get sick of the whole scene and want to get out of Hollywood.

    Many assistants and others who work for celebrities are out for something other than just doing a good job. They think they'll become part of the family (even more important!) and actually expect that they'll be bought a home, car, and that the employer will get their child into a top private school, where the employers' kids go, and pay the $30,000 a year tuition. Literally. That's a big part of the reason things end badly, many people who are willing to take these (bad!) jobs are not of the highest character. (Sure there are those stories about where assistants were treated generously, but those are unusual, and the real story isn't usually printed.) Because of some things in recent years, there will be very serious contracts that need to be signed, and stiff penalties enforced for breach of contract, such as talking about the employer.

    So anyway, just trying to open your eyes. Sorry! = ) Google entertainment jobs, look in craigslist. If you live in LA, network, talk to people. Get a job at a production company so you can meet people. Work where celebrities go and be appropriately chatty. Most of the employers I know hired from word of mouth rather than running ads. People already in the circle. I know several au pairs who became assistants, which was their plan, they were well educated and came over as au pairs as a stepping stone.

    All that said, my teen son will be an assistant's assistant part time this summer. It's for a relative in the industry, so my son won't get too much crap (or else) and the asst he'll work with will watch over him. I figure he'll see why he wants to get a great education, so he has career choices, and it will look good on his university applications.

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    How To Become A Celebrity

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    A good site is


    A celebrity personal assistant helps the star with their business needs and fulfills mundane personal chores, such as shopping, making airline reservations and planning dinner parties for them. Most celebrity personal assistant jobs aren't advertised in your local newspaper, but with a little sleuthing, you can find them.


    Live in L.A., New York or London-anywhere celebrities congregate. Network with people in the entertainment industry. Get a job as a production assistant on a film set to learn more about the celebrity work schedule and lifestyle.


    Know about everything. As a celebrity personal assistant, you will accompany the celebrity to parties, charity events, personal appearances and TV guest shots. You may also handle their finances, deal with paparazzi and shop for designer clothes or antiques. Acquire a broad knowledge of culture, politics and the entertainment business.


    Interview for the position. Be poised and calm, and concentrate on your expertise. Most initial interviews are conducted by one of the celebrity's current assistants or a production company representative. If they like you, the celebrity will interview you next.


    Decide which celebrity you want to assist. Do research about their personal quirks and preferences, asking insiders and checking reputable websites for information. Find the celebrity or their production company and inquire about a position, stating your qualifications. Be professional and approach it like any other career opportunity.


    Develop a thick skin. Even if your celebrity is one of the "nice ones," the pace is hectic and you will need to absorb information quickly.


    Expect to work long hours and forfeit your personal life for awhile. A celebrity PA's job is non-stop. The celebrity doesn't sign out at 5 p.m. and neither will you.

  • Since this article was posted, a new personal assistant agency that is dedicated exclusively to celebrity assistants has opened. They make placements in all major US markets. The owner is a former celebrity PA to Hollywood A-list, billionaires and royalty. The headhunting firm, called The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network, has been featured in many high-profile media outlets around the world. They are located online at

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    This Site Might Help You.


    How can i become a celebrity personal assistant?

    i want to to become a personal assistant but mainly for celebrities. How about can i get started on this? Anywho who can help i would appreciate it.

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    If the celebrity makes million of dollars they should assistant themself and how it like to do their own things. Some celebrity just busy and party most of the time. You have to keep top of things what they want and what they need it very high demand, and also it put lots of stress on yourself.

    Some celebrity they are not happy with themself. Why pretend that you are happy but you are not.

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    So where I go to find this celebrity personal assistant job in New York

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