Why Alaska and Hawaii are called the "Freak States"?

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    The term "the freak states" refers to Alaska and Hawaii, the only two U.S. states in the U.S. that do not share a boundary with any other U.S. state.

    The term was popularized in an episode of the Fox Television cartoon sitcom The Simpsons. In episode , which first aired in the United States on December 18, 1994, an official from Krazy Klown Airlines made reference to this phrase in the following line:

    If word gets out about this, Krazy Klown Airlines will be a laughingstock. In exchange for your silence, I'm prepared to offer your family free tickets to anywhere in the United States. Excluding Alaska and Hawaii, the freak states.

    While the term may sound disparaging, it is actually mocking the fact that many services and practices common in the U.S.'s 48 contiguous states are costly or unavailable in geographically isolated Alaska and Hawaii.

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    I have lived for a few years in Hawaii.

    I quess you would have to of been there to understand what a "freak" place it can be.

    Seems many people with radical or emotional problems move there to escape from the world.I imagine Alaska attracts the same sort of people.

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    Look at their Governors!

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