Where can I get short stories by stephen king? when i google it all I find are the summaries ?

i already asked this question in the book section and got NO answers.

I NEED TO FIND TWO SHORT STORIES BY STEPHEN KING. i WANT TO GET "THE MAN IN THE BLACK SUIT" AND "GRAVEYARD SHIFT". I need to find the entire story...everytime i google it I only find summaries on the story. Where can I go to find the complete story?

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    His works arent available publicly on the internet. If you want to read them online, you'll have to pay for it unfortunately. You could always take a trip to your local library thought. You need Everything's Eventual and Night Shift. Both are the short story collections that you will find those in.

    To recommend a good one, try All That You Love Will Be Carried Away and LT's Theory of Pets. Both are in Everything's Eventual and both are incredible.

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