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Could Mexico be the most corrupt government ?

Our friend's nephew, on his honeymoon in mexico in Cancun became parylized in a swimming accident. His new wife performed CPR to save his life.

The rest of the family flies into the resort and the local hospital refused to release their "patient" ( to which they did jackshit for) unless they were given a credit card WITHOUT LIMITS to release him to fly back to the USA.

Remember this next time you want to vacation in our freindly neighbor's country.


Thanks you for listening to my rant.

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    right now yes,,,but after the liberal socialist, gun controlling, tax rasing, barack HUSSEIN osama,,I am sorry, obama gets in office, it might be the USA

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    I think the U.S is but that's just me. I think we have to big of a government and I don't believe this is the direction the founding fathers wanted the country to go in. The last 8 years and national debt speak for themself.

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    According to the "official" Mexican government, they aren't even really sovereign. They claim a large portion of the country isn't under their control at all.

    For the most part, the criminals ARE the government in any practical sense.

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    Not a chance, look at Zimbabwe, their government adds zeros to the currency to make up for the money they stole, now THAT is corrupt!

    The mexican hospital is just trying to cover costs, do any US hospitals allow you to stay there free of charge? when I go on vacation I take out travel insurance for things like that.

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    They think you're rich because you're American. Did you complain to the embassy?

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