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superman doesnt wear a mask so y is clark kent not recognised as superman by people?

i mean just wearing glasses doesnt disguise u

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    I pose this Question back to you, look at the guys who fight in MMA, or perform in pro-wrestling.

    Think about what they look like 'dressed for work', the taped ankles, and wrists, the shorts/spandex, the chiseled physique

    Now, put them in a 3 piece suit, comb their hair, and put on a pair of Buddy Holly Glasses (or Drew Carey Glasses for those too young to know Buddy).

    I'd lay even money, with those 3 steps they'd be next to impossible to pick out of crowd, add to that, that Superman acts totally different as Clark than when he's Superman

    and that is why no one recognizes him out of costume.,its more than glasses, its attitude, and the full 'look', also by not wearing a mask as Supes, who in the DCU, would even assume he has a secret ID some who know Clark, have figured out he has a 'secret', but often as soon as they suspect some situation arises in which a double is present so that CK and Supes actually meet as far as any one can tell, thus dispelling the idea that they are the same person

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    Clark Kent acts like a clumsy and timid guy. It's also part of the disguise. Superman is well spoken and coordinated. Lois Lane figures out his secret identity in the movie Superman II before he clears it out of her memory with a kiss. She realizes Kent and Superman are never together. I am not sure if there are any similar story lines in the comics.

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    Because Clark is a as common man as others are around him. When he is as Superman he is performing acts which a common man can't do.

    He has not performed any super human act when he is Clark. Even he did not save his lover while she was drowning in water. He converted himself as Superman to save her.

    Therefore this clear difference is the cause of Clark remains common man even his face may resembles the Superman.

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    Superman parts hes hair to the right, and Clark part shes hair to the left.. or is it the other way around? But still thats a weak disguise LOL!

    Hope I helped


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    Because Clark Kent has curly hair, glasses, and wears a suit, but superman has WAVY hair and wears his little outfit. xD

    It's honestly ridiculous I think that they wouldn't make the connection, especially Lois, but that's comics for you. x3

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    On the Lois & Clark show, Mrs. Kent comments that with his costume, no one will be looking at his face.

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    A retcon somewhere along the way suggested he had an unconscious ability to hypnotise or telepathically affect the memories of others

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    because people werent thinking when they made superman! Batman..there's a hero! *sigh* lol

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    they are magic glasses and he wears a suit

  • Because he wheres glasses and a suit, and because its fiction (NOT REAL) not reality.

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