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Which food is healthier to a man who has kidney disease, pork or fish? Give reasons for your answer. ( 6 marks )


Pork contains more protein than fish.

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    The kidneys help regulate the level of phosphorus in your blood. If your kidney function is impaired, eventually you'll likely have elevated phosphorus levels (hyperphosphatemia). In turn, the elevated phosphorus decreases the level of calcium in your blood, which can lead to bone disease.

    Nearly every food contains some phosphorus, so you can't eliminate all phosphorus from your diet. However, it's helpful to limit or avoid phosphorus-rich foods, including:


    This chart is only a partial listing of suggestions for foods lower in phosphorus. Your needs may vary depending on your kidney function.

    It's also important to remember that even if you choose foods lower in phosphorus, there are still limits. Often, 800 to 1,000 milligrams (mg) of phosphorus a day is the limit for someone who has kidney disease. To track your phosphorus intake, read nutrition labels carefully. Keep in mind that phosphorus is usually listed as a percent of Daily Value. To calculate how many milligrams of phosphorus are in one serving of a particular food, multiply the percent listed by 1,000.

    If your doctor recommends limiting your dairy intake, ask if a calcium supplement would be appropriate. Also, be sure to avoid medications and supplements that contain phosphorus.

    For help creating a meal plan that meets your individual needs — including any other dietary restrictions you may have, such as limits on sodium, potassium and protein — consult a registered dietitian. He or she can help you make sure that you're getting adequate nutrition while following the dietary guidelines provided by your doctor.

    Informations above are general guidelines only, there have more related informations at the website listed below:

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