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有d問題想請教下你地. =)

我岩岩收到我個visa(F1), 佢批左5年比我. 咁我今次係返去讀high school 既.

Q1. 我想問high school完左之後, 想去加拿大探親, 大約留1個幾月到啦! 然後再返美國. 可以咁做嘛??

Q2. 當我讀完high school之後, 係咪唔可以再留係美國要返香港?

Q3. 當我返左香港之後, 可以再用F1身份過美國嘛? 5年內自由出入?@@

Q4. 如果我讀完high school再入college, 我係咪唔一定要返香港申請過visa, 可以一直留係美國呢?

Q5. 我仲未買機票, 我應該買來回定單程好? (因為可能會入college, 未必會返香港)

唔該哂你地, 希望你地可以幫下我. 因為我今個月就會過去美國..

唔該哂!! 萬分感激!!


Q1. 我果本唔係BNO, 係特區護照. 可以嗎?

Q2. 當從加拿大再入境美國時, 需要什麼文件嗎?

Q3. 如果我買one way ticket, 從加拿大返美時. 會check我機票嗎? 會否質疑我打算在美過期居留?

唔該哂你地. =)

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    1. It depends on your passport, not the F1. The F1 can allow you to entry the United States, not Canada. So you need a valid passport (and visa if required) for entering Canada.

    2. It depends. If you can find a way to get you a new reason to stay, then you can (for example, going to college).

    3. F1 is in lien of your I-20. This means that each time you use your F1, you must have a valid I-20 with you. No I-20, F1 will be invalid.

    4. Yes.

    5. Depends on how long you plan to stay. Usually the first trip will be one-way.

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    Q1. Regardless. Both passports have the same privilege for visa waiver.

    Q2. Valid Passport with F-1 visa and current I-20

    Q3. No. Your visa is considered as long-term non-immigrant visa. There will be no issue for one-way ticket.

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    F1 is for study, as long you are in the school. your visa will be ok.

    Q1----- yes, you can go to Canada for 3 months if you have HK BNO passport.

    Q2-----you can back to Hk, or you can continue to college and stay.

    Q3----- if there are school taking you, you can back to US.

    Q4----- yes,

    Q5----- doesn't matter la, the cost is not much different. i suggest buy one way, because you sound like no idea what to do soon..

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    don't have BNO passport, you can not entry Canada. sorry lo.

    the airplane ticket is only good for within 1 year use. and you may not like to go back home in the summer time. right? so the customs officer will not ask this kind of question.

    Source(s): live in Us over 30 years.
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