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怎樣翻比較順 請英文不錯的幫一下

下面是自己的翻譯 總覺得怪怪的

It creates significant challenges for effective hotel yield management and means that occupancy has to be managed as much as price. Understanding displacement effects is a key way in which YM is different to previous hotel reservations practice. Kimes9 in discussing the current state of yield management identifies 'three unresolved issues'. This concept of block booking space is one of them since 'most hotel yield management systems do not adequately account for groups and other long-term business such as wholesalers'.

如何進行有效的收益管理方法,造成了飯店的一個重大的挑戰,中央化計劃及管制。理解位移的影響是一個重要方式,明是不同以往的酒店預訂的做法。在討論Kimes 9化的現狀確定收益管理三個懸而未決的問題。這一概念的包場空間就是其中之一,因為大部分酒店收益管理系統沒有充分帳戶團體和其他長期業務,如批發商。

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