Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller?

Why is Linda the blame for Willy's insanity? Examples or quotes

Why is Biff the blame for Willy's insanity? Examples or quotes

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    The whole four of them together are insane as well. Linda took all of Willy's poor treatment of her and then jumped the boys if they said anything back to Willy. She covered up the entire set-up and continued to put down the boys and praise Willy. Willy needs to join the real world. Linda is at home her whole life and knows next to nothing. She keeps telling Willy what a great salesman he is when he's going to be fired. Linda keeps Willie from seeing reality and he thinks he can lean on other people which is over for him.

    Willy want Biff to make up for not getting to the top of his business. Biff was a big athletic and was supposed to make Willy proud, but as soon as Biff saw him in the hotel room with someone not his mother, Biff fell apart and left town. Nothing Willy wanted happens in his life and his depression keeps gnawing at him and Biff is gone. No job and he feels his friends let him down. He can't work for the guy next door as that would really show what a looser Willy is.

    Source(s): Professer of Lit. and Humanitiy...and have been reading since forever.
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