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what does "wicks moisture" mean?

When shirts say wicks moisture, what does that mean?

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    The wick in an oil lamp draws the oil from the bowl to the top of the cap where it is burned. The description of the oil being drawn up the wick is said to wick the oil. So a shirt that wicks moisture would draw that moisture from your body to itself. Some fabrics repel moisture, this attracts it.

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    What Does Moisture Mean

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    Actually, it doesn t mean any of that. There is no such thing as the word "to wick." I first heard this made-up word in 2008, when it suddenly became impossible to find all-cotton socks in the stores. I was told that they had been replaced by socks made from synthetic fabrics which were effective at "wicking" away moisture. This was a marketing lie. No synthetic fabric is better than cotton at "breathing," or allowing moisture to evaporate through the clothing.

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    it means that it will pick up sweat from the skin, and "wick" it to the outside of the shirt where it can evaporate. that way you dont catch a chill if you go running in the cold or something

  • hollow voids in fabric draw moisture to fill the voids. perhaps in physics this would fall into the friction studies.

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    it means it pulls moisture away from your skin, so if you sweat it doesn't sit on your skin, the fabric pulls it away and it disappears!

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