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Is Ariel Sharon still alive?

I know he is in vegetative state and unable to communicate, but I haven't heard anything about him in a while? Whats the deal?

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    You mean the ''maggot man"?!!.........still in coma i guess and postponing his meeting with DEATH & JUSTICE.

    LOL....Typical jewish way!

    Trying to buy his nasty way out!?

    But, not this time & this one. He's got lot of explaining to do and will surely receive 1 million time worse than what his nasty being did to the poor Palestinians!

  • Zeno
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    In terms of Catholic values he is dead and the body should not be artificially maintained. But I gather Jewish religious law plays a different angle. I know when the "Rebbe" Schneerson of the Chabad Lubavitchers went this way his bod was kept going in a vegetative state for years. In any event he's in no position to do evil now. Sure,you could prop him up and put him on tv,use strings to flap his arms a bit,make his mouth move,etc.He could be used to tape a few political ads for Tzipi but would it be strictly kosher? I think not.

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    well it good to know what or how

    surprising that Israelis called him traitor ,I do have different description of him , as things are he is no different than any other Zionist Israeli ,he is an opportunist, if you read his book about his life you will see that every rule he put for others he himself break it ,once misery leads to other ones richness,but if this is planned ,as Israeli could say about Prophet Solomon by sending a Worrier to the front war lines because he wants this soldier"s wife,and that is how this PM gets rich, evicting lands and putting hand on them "private business" ,

    as he was a minister in Baracks government he went directly from negotiations to give settlers order to occupy tops of mountains/

    he was the first to order settlers to evict for the sake of treaty with Egypt and that was against money ,these same settlers went to Gaza and to Jordan valley.Again he evicted them from Gaza and again that was against money,in which they created the big stage in the world to make others thing it was not money .

    he went to Aqsa mosque although Barack(PM at that time) was warned by Arafat that is wrong ,he did that and it was the act that led for Palestinian second Intifada.we did not see later when it comes to be that he was the PM ,he would allow or he himself gets near

    The close mentality of Sharon and Bush led to the trouble and distrust

    Israelis had chosen Sharon ,the same as American chosed Bush in 2004 ,

    But the question is was he aware of the war 2006 against Lebanon ,did he plan for it or did he rejected it

    I had been in the Sabra and Chatila camps when these crimes took place. I had returned to the camps, year after year, to try to discover what happened to the missing thousand men

    "read the rest in the above site"

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    You could still use him in a Bob Dylan video. Bob could be sitting next to his bed in a rocking chair mumbling some 19th century Irish ballad he ruthlessly plagiarized by adding bizarre pseudo-symbolist lyrics while Sharon's mighty chest heaves up and down like a symbol of the never-to-die Dream of Zion,or what's left of it after sixty years of crimes against humanity.

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    I believe he still is, yes.

    I was never a great fan of him, to be honest with you.

    I think he stole some money from the Israelis with the help of his family too, so the doctors are keeping him alive so one day he will be able to reveal the stash, when he comes out of the coma.

    Some people say that he did draw a map, hiding it somewhere safe.

    Who knows!

    Shalom! Blessings everyone!

  • John E
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    I consider Mr. Sharon a very lucky man, my friend.

    If he was in good condition, I would start to believe that some kind of a hellish entity governs the Middle East having appointed Mr. Sharon his representative in the region.

    He did far too many crimes of war, some out of pure hate that there was not a reason for doing them in the first place.

    A terrible creature that deserves to be kept alive in this "in limbo" condition as a punishment for his crimes.


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    Yes. That big fart Piggy is totally dead, but God is Punishing him alive. :) I am soo Happy for Him.

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    go to google and look up ariel sharon then you will find out what happened to him i think he is burning in hell

  • Ewiase
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    1 decade ago

    he is still in that state.

  • 1 decade ago

    I hope he is in a hell on earth, lingering only because he can see what is waiting for him on the other side.

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