What would be a good resale value of a $135.00 set of knives: 16 pc kitchen aid knives.?

Hello everyone,

I purchased a set of kitchen aid knives a few weeks back for $135.00 (Canadian), and now I'm interested in selling the knives. They are brand new and without defects, perfectly brand new.

What should I try to sell these knives at? I'm asking because my family is going through a very tough time financially.

Thanks a bunch,


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  • Jill J
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    1 decade ago
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    Go to ebay Ben, and see what those types of knives are bringing in. A top of the line 12 piece set brand new in the box just sold for $60.95. Try Craigslist also, maybe you'll get a better price.

  • Don
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    A good resale value might be to hope to get 1/2 of your money back. But in real life, I would guess you might only get 10% back, maybe a little more because they're new. They might make a better Christmas present for someone you care about, than the money you will receive right now.

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