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Starting a baseball card collection?

I want to start a baseball card collection but my parents won't let me start until I know I all about baseball card collecting. I know everything to do once I get the cards but can anyone give me some advise: what should I know before I buy the cards.

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    First off, if you're even remotely entertaining the notion that you'll be able to make money collecting and reselling any type of sports or entertainment related cards, forget it. If you want to collect because you enjoy a particular sport, team, player, etc., then fine. Channel your efforts into collecting everything you can afford of that particular segment of whatever sport you pick. I've been in the sportscard business for over 20 years and have both made and lost money at it. Currently collectors are not really interested in collecting per say, they all want to find that magic card that they can sell for bunches of money.

    Collect what you enjoy watching or playing, baseball, football, basketball, golf, whatever. I personally collect everything I can get my hands on that has anything to do with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I got to watch every one of their 5 SuperBowl wins and reveled in each one. Four of them were with Terry Bradshaw and a defensive line nicknamed "The Steel Curtain", one was with Ben Roethlesberger, a virtual rookie quarterback. I hope you do get to start a collection, but remember, collect what you enjoy.

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