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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceOther - Business & Finance · 1 decade ago

Is 36000 dollars (pounds) good money in the UK?

I am not sure about the lifestyle in the UK so I need to know if 36000 pounds a year is good money. Would I be able to buy a nice house, or a nice apartment even? Thanks a lot.

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    Hello Chris D

    your question is a bit confusing, but I will assume you are asking if 36 six thousand dollars, is worth much in the UK. The simple answer is no, it's chicken feed.

    The cost of living in England is very high, a gallon of gas is approximately $9 a beer is $6 cigarettes are $11 per pack, Rent for a two bedroom apartment within travel distance to London would set you back $2000 per month,maybe more.

    Eating out is a luxury , in the US you can get a decent meal for $15 the same type of meal in England will cost $40 .

    Groceries are about a third more in price, gas and electric bills about the same.

    The country is also known as Great Britain. But I see nothing great there any more. Although England is a beautiful country, the cost of living is high. As regards to house prices, they are really expensive.

    Here is an example, I own a three bed-roomed house , it has one bathroom, kitchen, family room and a dining room. Although the house is in a nice location, approximately 60 miles south of London, the cost of this house is $560k the largest room is 12x 12 unlike the American homes that have mud rooms bigger than my family room lol.

    If you plan on living in London, the price of a property there. would be double the price of my house.

    To have a reasonable standard of living, you need to earn about 500GBP great british pounds per week, that is around $1000

    Although I live in the US, most of my friends who are highly skilled people, within the world of construction, earn about 400 pounds per week.

    England does have some good things, like the national health service, and free education, but if you are done with learning and never fall ill, these things are of no benefit.

    Generally speaking, for mortgage purpose, you can borrow three times your gross salary, plus the gross salary of your partner.

    lets say you earn a good realistic wage of 30k GBP per year, you can borrow 30 x 3 = 90 thousand pounds . 90 thousand pounds will get you a garage. You can not purchase anything for that amount, unless you live up north, but then the wages are much less , so it's a never ending circle.

    I trust this information shall be of benefit to you, and hope I have not shattered your dreams.

    I used to be very patriotic towards England, and even though I am 100% British, I prefer living on this side of the pond.

    America has far more opportunities. My American friends tell that this part of the country is expensive, i live about 60 miles west of DC, but these friends have not experienced the shores of England where things are just daylight robery.

    Good luck

    Paul M

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    Is 36000 dollars (pounds) good money in the UK?

    I am not sure about the lifestyle in the UK so I need to know if 36000 pounds a year is good money. Would I be able to buy a nice house, or a nice apartment even? Thanks a lot.

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    Live in the north and forget the south. The people up north are wonderful. Darlington, in Durham co. is a great place to live. Also York I found was a good city. It is a mix of old and new.

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    There is a money converter on the web.

    why dont you use it and find out if you can afford to eat and buy a home.

    for homes in London, you need to specifically see where, as always there is a ghetto and the ritzy areas.

    put in your search

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    Yes, It's good money. I would love to invest it and will get more money from it and after that I will live luxurious life.

    How's this idea???

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    1 decade ago

    good lord yeah thats awesome im on 1700 ad i concider that to be more than enough

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