What does the confederate flag mean?

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    The 'Stars and Bars' was the battle flag of the American Confederacy between 1860 and 1865 (America was also a Confederacy during the Revolutionary War (1776-1783)).

    The Confederate Flag has nothing to do with racism as promoted by America's fascist political left. The facist left wing of the USA try and force the stars and bars to represent slavery and racism, but it doesn't. The Confederacy was not fighting to preserve slavery at all; the American civil war was a banker's war and a war over state's rights, not slavery.

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    Absolutely nothing from what most southerners tell me. There was no official flag in the Confederate Union, and the most popular one was just a battle flag that was composed of most other battle flags in the Confederacy. The symbols like the stars represent the same stuff as the US flag pretty much if that's what you mean, the stars being the number of states and such.

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    Try this site:


    Or search for "meaning of the Confederate flag" and visit one of the other sites.

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