Cheek Piercings: Do you have them?

I want to get my cheeks pierced soon (in the dimples on either side), but have heard there are nasty repercussions detally speaking. So, if you have them, do you regret them for this or any other reason?

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    I have my cheek piercings done CORRECTLY and they rub neither my teeth nor my gums.

    They do not collect any more bacterial than dental work like braces or a bridge would since I clean them regularly.

    I have NEVER had an infected piercing. Why? Because I can follow simple aftercare instructions and keep my filthy hands off of my piercings. Piercings are not "easily infected" when they are properly cared for. You are far more likely to get an infection from a cat scratch than to develop one from a piercing done in a sanitary environment with sterile equipment and correct aftercare.

    If you were to be pierced by someone who had no proper training and did not understand the anatomy of the mouth and cheeks, then yes cheek piercings could become an awful mess. An awful mess that could even need surgery or a trip to the ER to correct. But if you take the time to find an educated piercer who understands the muscles and other structures that lie in the cheek and how the cheek functions in relation to the teeth and gums, you should be able to be pierced safely.

    When people tell you stories of how their oral piercings ruined their teeth, a few things may have gone wrong. They could have been pierced incorrectly, they could have utterly failed to take care of the piercing, they could have misbehaved and chewed on or played with the jewelry, or the jewelry could have been badly fitted. Correctly placed, worn, and cared for oral piercings do not destroy teeth and gums. Yes it's possible to chomp down on the best cared for and placed tongue ring and chip a tooth, but that's really the fault of the wearer not paying attention, not the piercing.

    Bottom line: Oral piercings take special care to have them done correctly, need to fit appropriately, and must be paid attention to. If you're going to wear metal stuck in your mouth, you'll just have to be careful with it.

    Source(s): Body piercing apprentice with cheek, tongue, labret, and vertical labret piercings and no infections, gum recession, or chipped teeth.
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    cheek piercings

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    Hi I just got my cheeks done about 5 or 6 days ago they have crust on them daily from the healing process and one hurts way more they tend to be longer bars when u first get them done thats with all peircings tho because it allows for swelling

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    peircings that have any part in your mouth can most definitely cause cavities. The reason for this is that the jewelry is sitting in your mouth all the time, just collecting bacteria.

    Example: I've had both my tounge and labret pierced. Tounge for 10 years, labret for 5. I had to get root canals on all 4 teeth that my toungring touched regularly; and i have quite a bit of gum recession between my two bottom front teeth due to the labret.

    I do think they look cool though

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    1 decade ago

    I don't have them but I have researched them cuz I want them too.

    they take a while to heal and you have to be careful that they don't get infected.Do everything your pierces says!! I can't stress that enough. Most people have problems cuz they don't listen to their piercer.

    They leave scars when you decide that you don't want them anymore. As long as the you take care of them, the scars will be minimal and easily covered with a little concealer.

    Source(s): Tattooed and pierced!
  • Stormi
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    1 decade ago

    I don't have them. But just like every other facial piercing, they can get infected easily, so you have to clean them alot, and the backs of the piercings may or may not ruin your teeth and gums from constantly rubbing against them. Also, I imagine that getting dimple piercings will hurt loads. Especially after you get them, in the healing phase.

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    i dont have them but i love them. they take awhile to heal and can get infected easily as with any facial piercing.

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    1 decade ago

    I got them, i so totally regret it. My mouth was so infected, so i closed them. but i will forever remember the pain it was and how sore and sour it felt, it gets horrible. I still have TINY holes, but I had the surgically covered with skin. It hurt and was painful, Id never do it again.

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    I don't have them. Wouldn't they look kind of . .. unusual? I imagine they would hurt, too

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    Can't get much lamer than that.

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