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Which WRs to start? - V.Jackson, J.Cotchery or B.Berrian?

I'm already playing Calvin Johnson against the Vikings because he is the single shining spot on the otherwise dismal Lions.

I need two (2) more WRs...

Jerricho Cotchery vs. San Francisco

Bernard Berrian vs. Detroit (already starting Adrian Peterson)

Vincent Jackson vs. Oakland

I like Cotchery with Favre throwing against the favorable 49ers matchup.

I like Berrian because of how bad the Lions are, even though some weeks he gets almost nothing, and then other weeks, he gets 100+yds and a score.

V.Jackson was good for quite awhile but seems to have cooled off. He didn't get any receptions vs. ATL last week, but the whole team was pretty bad that day.

Only about 1 hour until tonight's game, so any advice is appreciated.

In second in my league, playing third place, so it is really close.


Well, Connor,

I should have taken your advice. I didn't play Jackson and he already has 122 yds and 1 TD. That sucks!

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    Jackson and Berrian, Jackson will do fine because they will bottle up chambers and gates so he'll be wide, and rember who berrian's playing, hint: worst team in NFL and that includes D, only team that might have a worse secondary then them is maybe Seattle.

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