Does anyone know which is the episode of Family Guy where Peter guest stars on the tv show "Roseanne" as Dan? ?

And he can't understand a word of what Roseanne is saying. He just says, "Ummm........I can't under....what are you trying to ............WHAT??"

It's one of my favorite clips, and I can't seem to find it.

thanks in advance.

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    Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story is a direct-to-DVD animated film set in Family Guy's fictional universe. Released on September 27, 2005, the movie's main plot point concerns Stewie Griffin trying to find his real father. The DVD contains commentaries and a sneak preview of American Dad!.

    The movie was originally written to be a "straight-to-video" movie in three episode length segments. The three segments, each written by different people, are titled Stewie B. Goode, Bango Was His Name, Oh!, and Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure. These three episodes were aired as the three-part season four finale.

    FOX aired the edited and separated versions of the three segments on May 21, 2006. It also had several scenes cut out, new scenes put in and other scenes altered to make it more appropriate for broadcast on American television.

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    Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

    Source(s): imdb
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    Family Guy Roseanne

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    I would not care so much that he would appear on a TV show even a liberal one. This case is different since promoting the show is also promoting things they promote as part of the show; For example the show promotes pedophilia like in the episode where Peter sticks his bare behind in the face of his daughter and her friends, or another episode where he supposedly does not know he is going into Chris' room when he 'thinks' he is going into his and Lois' room and he tries to make out with Chris (you just hear it not see it, but the sounds make it obvious what is going on) then he says 'oops' (or something like that) then tries the same thing and Stewies room and Styewis responds "What the deuce (or hell)!". So I don't like him promoting a show that promotes something as sick as that. Besides that Rush said on his radio show today that he is using it as platform to promote conservativism because Brian becomes such a conservative that he calls Rush a "wuss" for not being conservative enough. But Rush does not seem to realize that by the end of the episode, Brian will have 'come to his senses' (according to liberals) and the episode will end with Brian totally rejecting and trashing everything about Rush and about conservativism. So Rush's message will be wiped away when they simply attack it and make conservatives out to be everything liberals always claim conservatives supposedly are.

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    That's from the "Stewie Griffin: the untold story" Movie. But the movie is made up of 3 different episodes. The episode your talking about is called "Stewie B. Goode"

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    Erhhh i dont think any? Ive seen all seasons 1 - 7 multiple times and nothing is coming to mind...

    Maybe Stewie Griffin the untold story, or thr family guy movie?? i havent seen those.


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