how can i make my one year old a baby model?

My son is a baby model material. Dont know how to go about it? Want to see him on a print or a tv commercial.Can anyone suggest a good way?

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    If you are in the US, Ford and Wilhelmina are the two top agencies for child models, and both have several offices around the country

    But child modeling is not just about being cute. Is your child independent - can be away from your side in a room full of strangers without crying? Can he sit/stand still for up to 5 minutes at a time or is he fidgety? Can he deal with bright lights, loud noises and flash photography? Will he let strangers dress him and do his hair and makeup? Very few babies can do this - that's why there is such high turnover. Your child shows up for a shoot and starts crying or won't cooperate and you won't get paid, and won't get called back for another job. VERY few children are comfortable with situations like this

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    I did it with my son but we didn't last as I didn't enjoy the company of the 'other mums'. But it was a good way of getting out the house, something to do and got paid for castings even if you didn't get the gig. Baby shoots need to book more babes than required as they're temperamental.

    Truly Scrumptious is a good agency. Most agency's will charge for an initial interview, about £20-£40. They have soooo many mums that it takes time to sort out the dweebs. You do have to keep supplying pics every month as young ones faces change quickly so you don't need y

    to get a professional portfolio until they're a bit older. And then they tell you its time to get a portfolio...

    My son worked from them from about 6 months old to a year and half. We got a couple of proper jobs and the money is his savings. He's 8 now, wasn't for him at all.

  • As long as you are doing this for the right reasons, like putting the money in an account in your baby's name for when he is older, then I think it's a great idea. It depends on what country you are in but you can google "Baby Modeling agency" and you should get a few sites come up. You usually have to send the agencies pictures of your baby and then they will call you to sign him up if they think he will get work.

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    Find a local modeling agency and start there. But be wary of agencies who promise you the world if you only pay them X amount of dollars to get started. If your son has the goods, they will pay for everything, including test shots.

    Good luck!

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    get in touch with reptuable modelling agencies in your area and ask if they do baby modelling and then get a port folio together .. quite a few do

  • Everyone thinks their baby is the cutest...take him to an agency and see if they feel the same way you do.

  • take him to a modeling agency

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