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What is YOUR definition of what the song Highway to Hell byAC/DC is?

I need help on an english paper and I need to tell what my definition of the lyrics of a song are

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    Here are several interpretations from the above website:

    Bon's telling about how he's just gonna enjoy life to the fullest 'cause he's goin' to hell anyway.

    The song is a metaphor for the band's tour in America. They said the constant riding on the bus was like taking the highway to hell.

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    Highway to hell was the nickname for the canning highway in australia. It runs from where lead singer bon scott lived in fremantle and ends at the pub called "the raffles", which was a big rock and roll drinking hole in the '70s. As the canning highway gets close to the pub, it dips down into a steep decline: "no stop signs.....Speed limit....Nobody gonna slow me down". So many people were killed by driving fast over that intersection at the top of the hill on the way to a good night out, that it was called the highway to hell, so when bon was saying "im on the highway to hell" it meant he was doing the nightly or weekly pilgramige down the canning highway to the raffles bar and rock and drink with his mates: "aint nothing I would rather do. Going down, party time, my friends are gonna be there too.

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    I think it is both based on the non-stop tour in America and the highway in Australia where Bon died.

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    Hell Definition

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    The song and album's title supposedly came after a reporter asked bandmembers if they could describe what life was like being constantly on tour. Angus replied that it was "a f*cking highway to Hell"

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    Because the riff is so simple but so genius. Bon Scott kills in this song. The backup vocals rock. The drumbeat is steady and perfect. Because it is by AC/DC Stairway sucks and is overrated.

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    Here is my Take on it.

    ////Living easy, living free

    Season ticket on a one-way ride

    Asking nothing, leave me be

    Taking everything in my stride

    Don't need reason, don't need rhyme

    Ain't nothing I would rather do

    Going down, party time

    My friends are gonna be there too

    I'm on the highway to hell////

    **In this verse, the singer is being carefree regardless of the circumstances of his actions and his friends actions. ***

    ////No stop signs, speed limit

    Nobody's gonna slow me down

    Like a wheel, gonna spin it

    Nobody's gonna mess me round

    Hey Satan, payed my dues

    Playing in a rocking band

    Hey Momma, look at me

    I'm on my way to the promised land

    I'm on the highway to hell

    (Don't stop me)////

    ***The singer is stating the point that he had to work hard to get to this carefree lifestyle. "Hey Satan, [I] Payed my dues", the "promised land" isn't necessarly hell it's self, but it is his actions of a carefree lifestyle are leading him to hell.

    ///And I'm going down, all the way down

    I'm on the highway to hell////

    **** The singer states that he will get there and is getting there.

    Source(s): My take on the song.
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    and u chose highway to hell? to simple. a song u would be able to get really into depth about would be almost anything by nirvana.

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