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Translating song lyrics (English to Arabic)?

I asked this question a while ago, but was new to yahoo answers, and accidentally closed the question... so I'm re-posting...

I'm interested in getting the lyrics from a song translated from English to Arabic.

The lyrics are from a Depeche Mode song. The lyric I'd like translated reads:

"Never want to put my feet back down on the ground".

I'd like to get this as a tattoo, but I guess this doesn't sound so good when translated verbatim into Arabic.

Can anyone recommend a close translation that does sound good? I don't care if it doesn't read exactly what I wanted in Arabic... I'd prefer something that cool-ish as I don't want to be walking around the middle east with a tattoo that people will be laughing at me for.

Please suggest what you like and type in the Arabic, as well as the closest English translation. The more suggestions the better, as I'll have lots to choose from...

Thanks a lot!

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    This translates to "never want to put my feet back on the ground"

    أبدا تريد وضع قدمي التراجع على أرض الواقع

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    Here's the same answer I gave 3 months ago:

    Great lyric. Unfortunately that term or expression does not really exist in Arabic. I'll translate it for you verbatim if you want, but from one DM fan to another, the meaning will be lost.

    Here's the verbatim translation: ولن أضع ارجلي على الأرض

    But like I said, the meaning is lost once you translate it. It sounds, for lack of better words, kinda corny too. And I highly recommend you not use Google Translate for phrases like that, especially if you are permanently placing it on your body. Google translate isn't 100% accurate from English to Arabic.

    Source(s): Native Arabic speaker
  • never let me downnnn.

    i don't know the translations, I just love the song.

    depeche mode is my favorite =]

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