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Are we the only ones having trouble with USAA?

After my husband had so many problems with overdrafting his account throughout the past year.. lol.. I took over the finances..

I started writing everything down in a book, everything down to the last cent, and calculating the balance on my own.

I just I noticed that when my balance says say... $93.39, USAA still says like $400.36. Paid the star card off like a week ago and it still hasn't "gone through" it doesn't even mark anything as pending.

Has anyone ever had this problem with USAA or is it just us? Is there a way to fix it?

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    We have USAA and have never had any problems with them. We've had many banks and credit unions over the years and USAA is the best we've ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

    NEVER rely on the balance shown as the money you have. You should be keeping record of every deposit, withdrawal, check, debit purchase you make. Sometimes payments can take up to 7-10 business days to clear. If you want them to clear faster, you need to use USAA's bill pay instead of paying through each individual creditor. It's faster and more reliable. If you are writing a check, it can take up to 2 weeks to clear depending on the company you are paying.

    You should be getting a statement monthly which you need to use to balance your account. You need to compare everything on the statement to what you have in your ledger. They even have classes at the AFRC.

    I've never had a payment take more than 2 business days to clear when I use BillPay through USAA. We pay ALL our bills through Billpay. It automatically deducts everything and pays everyone when I say they need to be paid.

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    My husband and I have had USAA for about 3 years now, and we just love them. We used to overdraft all the time when we had Bank of America but no we've only gone over I think twice and its all been just bad balancing on our part. As far as your star card, if your paying via their website I know that it can take 3-5 days to post to USAA. We had an issue with Star because we set up auto pay with them of the same amount each month, and they changed our pay date to 4 days before pay day? It was weird, and that over drafted our account due to lack of funds. I called Star and got it worked out and the pay date changed. Have you set up any Overdraft protection, it can help and USAA never charges a fee for having to use it. My husband and I don't use a normal check book, my husband made a spread sheet on our computer and we just click off our bills so we stay on track. That way we know what bills we need to pay, and how much we have left even if it hasn't gone through. Also USAA doesn't have transactions go through until 8am est. each day not midnight like most banks. So keep that in mind when you looking over your balance.

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    Had them for just over 5 years and not a hitch.

    I have had problems in the past with the NEX (e.g. AAFES) cards though. Once it took them over a week to post a payment that I made it was very weird.

    It will take both of you to write down your purchases to balance a joint account. I'd suggest restructuring so that you each get a set amount a month in a personal account that you can do whatever with that way you know exactly how much is coming out.

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    This is common of any bank account.

    Your not supposed to rely on the balance your bank says you have because its often inaccurate. You should be writing down every purchase, depost, and withdraw you make to keep an accurate balance.

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    Sounds like you have problems balancing your checking account.

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