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Enhanced quality of dvd on Blu-Ray player?

Blu-ray players are suppose to enhance the picture quality when watching a regular dvd. Is the quality really noticable or very little? Do you think purchasing a blu-ray player for the dvd enhancement is a good idea?

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    Grumpy Mac is right and wrong. Blu-ray players do a credible job of upscaling DVD and therefore improving the DVD image relative to a standard DVD player. They can't give you "real" HD. While upscaled DVD images are technically HD they can't contain all the information in a real HD image like Blu-ray.

    That said, there are lot's of considerations to take into account before deciding to buy a Blu-ray player.

    First, if you are going to continue to watch DVDs (and not buy or rent Blu-ray disks) you don't need a Blu-ray player ... you need an upscaling DVD player (it's about 1/3 the cost of a Blu-ray player).

    Second, Blu-ray disks require a minimum moderate sized 1080p HDTV (e.g. 37" or larger) to provide maximum benefit. There is no advantage to Blu-ray (or an upscaling DVD player) on a standard TV.

    Third, Blu-ray disks offer superior sound to DVDs because of advanced audio formats. ... but you must have a good audio system to hear the difference.

    Fourth, Blu-ray disks are, and will remain, more expensive than DVDs. They are a premium priced (and performance) DVD alternative.

    Fifth, unless you watch close enough to see the difference (many HDTV viewers sitt too far from the screen), Blu-ray won't look much better than DVD.

    So ... a Blu-ray player is a good bet if you are comfortable paying extra for Blu-ray disks and intend to slowly switch to Blu-ray, but if you intend to stick to DVDs consider an upscaling DVD player instead. Just recognize that any improvement won't be startling.

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    Look - players do not enhance standard def DVD's. You have been listening to too much marketing.

    The players will 'up-convert' or 'magnify' the image so the television will see a 720 or 1080 signal.

    This is like taking a postage stamp and magnifying the image on a photocopier 10 times. The result IS a 8x10 picture - but ... do you really think this is 'enhanced'?

    Some players like the Oppo series of players will try to 'fill in' things in each video frame and can do a decent job. But there is only so much you can do with an image designed for a nine-inch screen. (Yes - standard def was designed to fill a nine-inch tube because that was the limit of technology back in 1949. It has been the frozen standard ever since.)

    So do not buy a BluRay player to enhance standard DVD's. Buy a BluRay player so it can play real BluRay disks, but still play your library of existing DVDs.

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    Yes go buy one blu-ray is so clear i mean it so cool the quality is so good

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    Does the function affect the quality of the blue ray function?

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