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my dog ate cooked onions!?

she got into a lot of cookied onions and i am freeked out that she is going to DIE!!!




do i need to get her stomach pumped!?

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    If it's been in the last 40 minutes, give her some hydrogen peroxide. It will cause her to vomit. 1-2 tsp. for a small dog, 1-2Tbsp. for a larger dog.

    If it's been more than 40 mins, making her vomit won't do much good.

    In either case, call your vet and tell her how much the dog ate, dog's weight, etc. They will tell you either to bring her in, or any signs of trouble to watch for. In most cases eating some onions will only cause some digestive upset. But in very large amounts, it could be dangerous so you really need to at least speak with the vet about what to do next.

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    Onions Bad For Dogs

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    I learned the hard way that even cooked onion is VERY bad for dogs. I had made some burgers with cooked onions for a picnic and of course, my buddy got what I dropped. That night, and the next day, she was vomitting at least once every hour. I was scared out of my mind. I hated seeing her like this because of what I gave her. I looked for lists of poisons (a day late) and found onions to be worse for dogs than chocolate. Unfortunately, chocolate is the one that has the worst reputation. I've actually known people to give Snickers to their search and rescue dogs (also Dobies) as rewards. I wouldn't suggest this without a vet's OK, but it is not a death sentence for a dog to eat milk chocolate. The danger correlation is with the increased amount of cocoa concentrated (the darker, the worse). Long story short, keep the onions away from the dogs. I'm sorry I don't have that list I refered to, but you should be able to find it with a search engine.

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    Dogs develop hemolytic anemia if they eat enough onions. I don't think that it matters too much whether the onions are cooked or not. The quantity of onions required is high enough that dogs can generally tolerate small doses of onions without any problem and moderate amounts of onion without clinically apparent disease, even though there may be measurable changes on lab test results. Cats are probably a little more sensitive to onion toxicity than dogs are. I can't find an exact quantity of onions required to cause toxicity problems in dogs, but there are several case reports of onion toxicity and they involve whole onions or sizable portions of chopped onions (like a cup or more). I think that feeding dogs meat that has been cooked with onions is pretty safe but you might want to avoid giving them the broth from around something like pot-roast if there were a lot of onions used in the cooking, just to be safe.

    Large amounts of garlic will produce similar toxicity problems in both dogs and cats. I think that the amount required is not likely to be eaten by a cat but there are probably a few dogs who would lap up a container of spilled garlic.

    Among common foods, the only other significant toxicity that I can think of are recent reports of toxicity from eating grapes and raisins that have been reported in dogs.

    Mike Richards, DVM

    Source(s): Can my dog eat onions? NO, dogs should not be eating foods with onions in them. It can be very bad for them, and it is a good reason why you shouldn't be giving your dog people food. Often our food is cooked with onions, and onions are toxic to dogs. Over time they cause serious blood problems and destroy the dog's red blood cells. This results in canine anemia, a blood disease caused by a lack of these cells. If your dog eats onions directly, it can happen within a few days. I just fed my dog food made with onions! Should I start panicking and running around in terror? The answer is probably no. If your dog has just been eating little bites of food, it would take a long time for it to start showing symptoms. If your dog got into onions directly, then you should watch out, however - sometimes dogs like the smell and will eat even raw onions. They also get them from Chinese food, pizza, or sometimes baby food. You should, however, stop feeding your dog anything with onions in it. Dogs should eat dog food. If you want to give them treats, give them dog treats - food that is safe for humans is often very bad for dogs. What are the symptoms of onion poisoning in dogs? Your dog will vomit or have diarrhea, or potentially other digestive problems. It may lose its appetite, and lethargy and weakness are also seen in most cases. The urine of the dog may be red. If you see any of these symptoms, then the dog should go to the vet. How much onion does a dog have to eat to get sick? It will take a long time and have to happen regularly if you are using foods that have just been flavored with onions. If the dog has eaten onions themselves as part of people food, then it takes several hundred grams. This amount can cause canine anemia within three-four days. The dog will usually recover, however, once you keep it away from onions - the reason is that onions kill red blood cells, but the dog's body will replace them with time. However, the dog should see the vet anyway if it has gotten onion poisoning - it can get very sick in the meantime, and you don't want to risk it getting too serious. Back to Flea Control Guide Main Page Text copyright 2005-2006 and may not be reproduced without consent. This is not the official web page of any of the products listed on this site, this is a review page created by an individual. It is not by a vet, and is meant to be informative and not to substitute for a vet's advice - always consult a vet if you suspect a health problem.
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    my dog ate cooked onions!?

    she got into a lot of cookied onions and i am freeked out that she is going to DIE!!!


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    Call a vet. Often, you can give hydrogen peroxide to get the dog to puke. Depending on the size of your dog and the amount of onion, this is an emergency.

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    watch her for signs of distress. some dogs are not affected by it- if she seems to have trouble getting around or will not eat/drink then call the vet. She will likely have diarrhea or vomit, but that's good because it means that her system is purging. if you don' t notice anything in the next four or five hours, you're in the clear.

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    CALL THE VET! They can tell you if you should be monitoring or if you should bring the dog in.

    I am not sure how serious this is. They are toxic, but depending on the size of the dog she may have not had enough to get sick. Do not induce vomiting unless the vet tells you to!!

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    I've never heard of a dog getting deathly ill from eating onions...but just to be safe, cal your vet! You can tell them what has happened and they can tell you whether or not it is serious enough to bring it in. I'm sure she won't die, just make sure you get her adequate care.

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