How do I clean the flex hose on my Dyson?

We had a major problem this year with the asian lady beetles. The best way I found to dispose of them is to suck them up with the vacuum cleaner. However, now my vacuum really stinks when I use it. :( I am going to dismantle it completely and give it a good cleaning (on the areas I can clean) I know the flexible hose can come off, and I want to wash it too, but do you have any suggestions on what to use on the inside of it to scrub it?

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    How about one of those long, thing brushes usually used to clean out the lint trap of the dryer or under appliances. The most important thing is to make sure that the inside of the hose is COMPLETELY dry before reattaching it. Any moisture left in the hose will eventually ruin your vacuum.

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    If the individual that installed the rotors happen to repack the wheel bearings with grease , it is possible that they did not pre load/ seat the bearings. Jack one side of the car and grasp the front tire // see if you have some play or wobble . Check the other also . IF you do its an easy fix . Jack the car up so the front wheels are elevated Pull the dust cap , remove the hair pin . place and open end wrench or adjustable on the axle retainer nut while rotating the wheel tighten the axle nut unit the wheel slows . Then back loosen the axle nut until the wheel moves freely again. Line up the hole for the hair pin . See the grease won't allow the bearing to seat in the until you force some of the grease out of the bearing hence the preload . Common mistake on that sort of front hub assembly. I did notice you did answer the ?? whether the rotors and brakes were new .. You said yes . If the bearings are not seated properly the wheels will try to roll true to the roads parallel surface. Applying the brakes allows the brake caliper to disturb the balance causing a wobble . The caliper / pads only makes a surface contact point on the rotor that is only 20- 25 % on the entire circumference . As for the pinched hose .. that will either not allow that brake caliper to compress the pads to the rotor or it might cause the pads to be hung up / in contact causing pemature pad wear. If someone picnh the hose during the brake job chances are they did seat your bears. . Make sure you inspect the hose for crack or a leak . If it does .. replace it. You also need to ask yourself if this shaking issue occur prior to any previous maintenance. That would help eliminate multiple senarios.

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    How To Clean Your Dyson

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    maybe you can get a long thin metal/plastic rod and attach a piece of rag on it using rubber bands and then insert in the hose as far as it will reach and swirl it around?

    i wouldnt wet it in any case.

    also to try get the smell out try using neutradol vacuum sachets they're really good. i had a similar problem, sucked in fish food, yuck smelt so bad.

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