What to do when you finish Resident Evil 4(main game,separate ways and ada's assingment)?

I've finished the main game,separate ways and ada's assingment and the game told me that i can get the tommy gun for seperate ways and the tommy gun, infinte rpg for the main, game but i when i wanted to go to the merchant, i only see all the usual stuff for sale. How do i get the merchant to sell the stuff.?????

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All the post-game unlockable weapons are only available in playthroughs that are not "Round 1" (meaning that save data has been played through the game entirely and loaded up again to carry over your inventory and stuff). Instead of choosing New Game on the main menu, Choose Load Game, and then load a Cleared Game file.

  • 1 decade ago

    i have the game for ps2 and i started a new game on the same difficulty the weapons don't show up for a new difficulty.

    What did you day play the game on normal then then try to play the game on professional ya it dont work that way you have to earn the stuff back your self on professional mode dude.

    Ya i did the same thing wondering except i didn't beat assignment ada.

    If you beat the game on professional or expert what ever it is called you unlock the PRL4 laser cannon

    or you can beat the mercenairy missions to unlock the PRL4 Laser Cannon. I dont have the laser Cannon yet either

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