Buying a PS3 for Christmas! Need help and advice!?

I'm thinking about buying a PS3 for Christmas but don't know whether just to go ahead and get it.

Can anyone explain to me simply all of the great features it has?

I want to know about music and movies on the PS3, i.e. can you download movies from itunes and watch them through the PS3? Can you play ordinary DVDs (not blu-ray) through the PS3? What is the quality like? Do I need a HDMI Cable for good quality viewing?

Also, about music, can I plug my iPod into the PS3 and play music from it? Can i play a CD in the PS3?

What's this about the internet on the PS3? Could I sit on my sofa and browse the internet through the PS3? What does this require?

If you have anything else you can tell me that I should know - any useful tips, any other good features, etc. please let me know.

Thanks a lot!

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    Well music you can get from a mp3 cd disc but not through the istore or your ipod. I tried but haven't found a way around it. Now you can download movies from the playstation store which allows you to buy movies games and add on for other games. There wallpaper you can download from the store for your background and demos for future game coming out. If you have a digital camera you could upload your picture on there to send to friend you meet via online or to use as wall paper. Now you can play ordinary dvds on your ps3 console but their going to look ordinary if you watch it on a standard dvd player it will upgrade the pic but not to much. Quality is awesome if you are using the graphics to it full power what I mean if your using a HDMI connection must have a lcd or plasma television then you should be able to hook up your console using the HDMI. I disagree in regard of the higher the price is on the hdmi the better it look I had 2 different one 30 bucks and the other 89 bucks the 30 actually as good as the 80 bucks one.

    Internet if free on the ps3 if your have wireless internet then all you have to do is set up your console for wireless which I currently use and it awesome you can browse the internet through your ps3 you can use your ps controller or use a keyboard and mouse the ps3 does have usb port to plug these feature in the console. You can also choose to go online on some games and meet people out there.

    As far as other feature I think the only thing I mention that you didn't was the picture available and every once in awhile sony send a upgrade which are actually pretty good and actually improve the console.

    Coming soon: Home Should of been out a long time ago but they keep pushing it back what home is/does is that you live in the online world as an avartar which you create and the people you meet online can come in to your home or you visit their home and play games or just sit back and enjoy a movie one thing that I find awesome is that you customize your home you can have a picture of your family hanging in the wall so when friends come over you can show your friend your picture. There also a store where you can see what your friend acccomplish and play bowling or pool it going to be nuts but once again it suppose to be out long time ago but hasn't happen yet!!!

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    Well I’ve had my PS3 60GB for almost a year now, and I must say I enjoy it every time I’m on it. With this system it goes far beyond gaming… I think I can answer a few of your questions based on my expeirance with the system.

    I’m not sure if you can download movies from Itunes, but on the PS3 there’s something that’s called the Playstation Store where you can download games, add-ons, demos, and more. They just added the feature where you can download a full-length movie. A few weeks ago I got Last Dragon (Old School…LoL). For music I just download the CD on the system, I’ve pulled up my Ipod but it did not play the music from it… So you can play normal CD’s as well as DVD’s, with the HDMI cable you have a nice picture. If you have an LCD or Plasma, I suggest you get the PS3 over any gaming system out there.

    As for the Internet I have my PS3 on a Wireless connection with my PC as well as my Laptop. I have not had a problem thus far with my connection. You’re able to browse the internet also there’s a link for Youtube as well. It’s a Beautiful thing…LoL….

    I don’t want to sound like a rambling (I think I am…LOL) but I have a big family, and every system you can think of I have access to play. I think the PS3 is the best system created.

    I suggest you check out the PS3 website and I’m sure there’s a FAQ up there…

    Hope this helps out…

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    I don't think you can use the movies from itunes but, im pretty sure there's a way to do it since the hard drive in your ps3 is basically a computer hard drive.

    Yes, you can play ordinary dvds in your ps3.

    quality is BADASS lol. HDMI makes it look really good(the better the hdmi the better quality of the video)

    Technically you can't plug your ipod to the ps3 but im pretty sure there is a way.

    Yes, the browser in the PS3 is like an ordinary internet browser and you can use it like a computer.(you can get a USB mouse and laptop to make it feel like a real computer)

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