What is the best build to go with Spirit Breaker(Barathrum) in a 5v5 easy mode game?

what life steal is better for him also which boots are better for him? Power Treads or Phase Boots? As for lifesteal? which of these is better? Mask of Madness, Vladimirs, Satanic? Also which Big items should be recommended for him? Buriza?, Crystalis?..,MKB?, Bashers?, Battle Fury?, Desolator?, Sange & Yasha?

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    1 decade ago
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    power trds 2 bracers 1 vlad and sny if still gt money go for hearts, hyperstone or buriza

    reason for build": power treads 35% attk spd and ur ms will be covered by sny later the vlad for mana regen lifesteal and armor easy build too any can maim and keep chasing enemies bracers for survivability and hyperstone for more chances to bash the other 2 obvious o ya gimme 10 points if u find this working

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