Obscure 1990's RTS game??? Anyone have a clue?

I remember playing this obscure 1990s RTS game when I was little.

All i remember was there being a grid (it was all 3D though, had decent graphics for its time)

A bunch of alien races

A genesis torpedo?? (or something to that effect?)

I think the distinguishing fact is the bunch of weird random and completely ficticious races.

It's not anything that is well known, or part of a franchise.

Thanks if anyone has a guess!


After going back and looking through abandonia.com I think from what I can remember of the graphics is that it's in the later half of the 90s.

Its not a space game, but its futuristic. The grid was very watery I beleive.

It might have been turn based? Not sure...

I remember upgrading racial unique living quarters/housing from some reason (yeah that can be any RTS ever made but I remember it).

Update 2:

It was for the PC

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    the only game title of that name that i know of is on xbox

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