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Is New Mexico Santa Fe a safe place to go?


Is Santa Fe, New Mexico a safe place to go?

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    Santa Fe is a wonderful and beautiful place. I lived there for five years of my childhood and only have good memories of it. It's in Northern New Mexico, so it's good you are not not right near the border. People-wise, it is very safe. It is not too urban like a city but it is not like the deserts in the rest of the state.

    Safety issues-haha really just the animals but they won't bother you unless you bother them. Bears will just stay in the National Park (I used to live right next to it-a bear came up to our backyard fence but didn't do anything) and coyotes and raccoons only are a pain if you have lots of garbage. Watch out for rattlesnakes (don't go poking into too many crevices) but really they were never a problem for anyone I knew.

    Always travel with someone in the woods-it is a huge place.

    Be prepared for a little snow-but nothing too bad.

    Source(s): Lived there for 5 years-know a lot of people from there
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    I don't know about New Mexico, Santa Fe. I've never heard of it. I assume you mean Santa Fe, New Mexico. Yes it's a very safe place to go. There are lots to do there. It's the oldest capital in the entire continental United States. Santa Fe has a lot of new agers, lots of art galleries, and an opera scene. I was there 3 years ago, and I loved it. Another cool place to visit is Taos.

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    Is Santa Fe Safe

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    Yes! You mean Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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    Yes, I lived in Phoenix for six years and visited Santa Fe many times. I always enjoyed it and never felt unsafe once. The "downtown" (when you go, you'll know why downtown is in quotes) are is really nice. At certain times of the year, they have a festival when all the local people sell jewelry, art, clothing, and food. It's a good time, they have some great silver and turquoise stuff.

    I liked Santa Fe the best in the early winter.

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    With that earnings you would be waiting to get a solid place, yet no longer at Santa Fe employer district. Santa fe is split into 2, the employer district and Santa Fe previous city (Pueblito). do no longer seek for it at previous Santa Fe, is a coarse land, and not very secure, comparable element is going for each and all the "Santa" cities. close to by employing is Contadero you may discover something there or Cuajimalpa, the place you will stumble on a descent house from 6000 mx. in case you like night existence, little eating places, stable environment. attempt Condesa or Polanco is half-hour remote from Santa Fe yet throughout rush hours can take extra desirable than an hour to get to Santa Fe, the places can pass from 6000 to 20000 mx for employ and Polanco in everyday are above 10 000 a month for an common studio house. My different suggestion is Metepec, close to Toluca interior the State of Mexico, is 40 minutes away at rush hour from Santa Fe and 20 minutes while isn't, you would be waiting to discover the money for a solid homestead, advantageous one. case in point i used to employ a three mattress room 2 a million/2 bathing room homestead in a private cluster with a private little backyard and a watchman 24-7 for 6000 pesos a month. the only seize is the nightlife, in view that is unlike those in Condesa or Polanco, yet i had a advantageous mall close to by employing eating places and existence is extra user-friendly going.

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    The majority of my family lives in Santa Fe and I myself have spent a good while there. I would say that if you dig independance go ahead. If not stay in a place where people care about your well being and are concerned about who you are.

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    Yes, it's one of the nicer cities in New Mexico. The only problems are that it is a bit touristy and expensive, which will get worse as more celebrities discover it and build homes in the area.

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    no u will get shot by mexicans who want ur money!!!

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