Why don't Christians celebrate the Jewish holidays and customs?

I mean,all the commands to celebrate the Jewish Holidays are in the Bible!

So why don't they celebrate them too?

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    answer: those holy days were set for Jews. Christians have different holy days - Christmas, Easter (instead of Passover). They also don't adhere to the 613 laws Jews were instructed to follow.

    The Christians that try to overlay their religion onto Jewish holidays and rituals aren't an answer either because they dishonor both religions and dilute both of them. Jesus celebrated Passover, he wasn't PART of Passover. The holes in the matzo do NOT represent crucifixion wounds, etc.

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    Should Christians Celebrate Jewish Holidays

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    It's not all that hard - Christianity is like Judaism, part 2. You expose them to everything both religions have to offer. Take them to temple one sabbath, and church the next. Since he seems to only be Jewish for the heritage aspect, it shouldn't be so hard. Your only shot is to agree to not influence your children and let them choose, and things should go just fine. Tell them to pray and ask for guidance. It's important for Christian kids to know about Judaism anyway, because Jesus (Yeshua) said "do not change one stroke of one letter of the law" - which I THINK means the Rabbinical laws and Kosher eating is still in effect. Ask your pastor. Plus, there was something in the Gospel about "the Jews are protected by the old covenant and you are protected by the new covenant" - I don't remember exactly - again, ask your pastor/priest. I have a Kosher-Jewish ex-girlfriend and I was Christian and practiced Scientology. (I'm now Freezone Scientology and a truth-seeker). I thought the "Mikvah" was an Irish bar in New York. We discussed marriage. Her family said the children would HAVE to be Jewish because the mother is Jewish and the children are always the same religion as the mother. I was amused by this argument and stated that I had never agreed to that rule. I used to tease her, saying: I'm a Messianic Jew. In any case, she asked me: What would it take for us to get married? I said, "Make me a ham and cheese sandwich," she's Kosher remember, "and let the kids be Christian." We did not get married. I even said, "Okay, let the children choose their religion for themselves." But she wouldn't budge, even though she was completely confident that her religion and youth group was a lot more fun, and her educational system was better - and she was right. She's not Kosher anymore, which is good because she's allergic to most meat anyway, and she's getting married to a good Jewish man.

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    Since Christians believe that they have a new covenant with God, they don't believe they have to adhere to the laws in the Christian Old Testament, and they use a different version of what the Jews call the Tanakh. They really are two very separate religions with not much in common. Christians do not celebrate Muslim or Hindu holidays; they don't need to celebrate Jewish holidays. They have their own festivals and feasts and celebrations and we have ours. And that's okay.

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    Technically, we do celebrate at least one holiday that was originally a Jewish holiday. However, you probably are not aware of this, as the New Testament was written in Greek, rather than Hebrew.

    This particular holiday is called 'Pentecost,' by us Christians, but, is known as "Shavuot," by Jewish people.

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    The Catholic Church does indeed take much of the Jewish celebrations. The original Christians were Jewish. The birth of the Church happened on Pentecost. The Early Church decided what Gentiles needed to do to become a part. A new religion was formed called Christianity. The Catholic Church learns much from Jewish rituals and celebrations and holds them highly.

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    Well I do because, I have a lot of Jewish friends and they invite me and my family over for the Holidays. And I will invite them over for my Holidays too.

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    They are in the Jewish Torah - but this was never meant to be part of the bible of another, separate faith!

    Our Xian friends are, of course, always very welcome to join with us in celebrating our festivals. But the Jewish religious laws and commemorating Jewish events and history are binding and relevant for Jews alone.

    Just as Muslim festivals are relevant for Muslims alone, and Hindu festivals relevant for Hindus alone.


    I have to correct what JOHN R says.

    No such thing as 'judaic jews'. There are Jews. Period.

    And no Gentiles are being 'grafted in' to Judaism. The Xian bible does not get to decide or define who or what is Jewish or is PART OF Judaism!

    And any Jew who, as you put it, 'learns the truth about jesus' is, by definition, a PRACTISING XIAN.

    A Jew who converts to Xianity

    = a XIAN

    Gentiles don't need to be 'grafted in' to Judaism. We are all equal, and we are all equally G-d's children.

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    We are not Jewish so we don't celebrate their holidays. Same reason atheists don't celebrate Christmas.

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    1 decade ago

    Probably because - for centuries - the catholic church, from where all others are splintered from - tried to make the jewishness of Jesus and all His teachings (based on the Torah) disappear. They even changed some of the wording (they use "Australia" instead of 'Kittim', I believe, because it was too jewish). Don't forget they were the main force behind the persecution of jews in Europe during Napoleon's reign. He even 'liberated' jews trapped by edict in a city in Germany in where the Pope at the time had ordered them not to come out on punishment of losing all their belongings, and had demanded them to use a YELLOW bonnet (where do you think the nazis got the idea from?). Napoleon gave them a "Pas-the-Door" (hence the word Pass Porte", in french)document to leave the city at will.

    Fortunately - Yahweh has taken care of that and lots of "gentiles" are getting "grafted" into Israel, and vice versa. There are a large numbers of judaic jews learning the truth about Jesus (according to what it says in the scriptures, not what the 'elders' or the priests tell them) and are coming forward. In the past (and somehow still), every jew that saw the sign of a cross was like they saw the swastika. Could you blame them?

    It is extremely important to remember that all jewish festivities as they are in the Torah, reflect upon the Messiah one way or another (like the Sabbath, in which Jesus said "I am the Lord of the Sabbath"), and - although it is not a Law (you will not loose the chance to be given a resurrection) to fulfill as it was before, it's still something we should be looking forward to, like the 14 Nisan's Last Supper).

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