I don't know what to do anymore! please help me!?

ok, to start off, i'm 17. my mom made me drive to baltimore city to go to church (she was already there) for church service. my church is about an hour away from my house (ridiculous right?) well to make a long story short, i got into a big car accident that night in baltimore.

my car slid and ran up on the curb. my car was ok, just a flat tire. my car was PARKED PARALLEL, perfectly. while i'm sitting in the drivers side, a red SUV slid just as i did but crashed right into me, completely damaged the back of my car. i mean the whole end of my car is shambled. well THEY DROVE AWAY before i could even think of getting their plate.

by that time, police came. i told the officer what happened. she seemed pretty DUMB. she kept asking "...whattt...?" and "huh??" and "...so...you're saying......?" and i had to tell her the story THREE times in a row!!! i couldnt believe i had to trust my story to that dumb lady! well she wrote the report.

i got a lawyer. they sent me a letter saying that the police wrote the report as if i was parked in the middle of the street and the SUV ran into ME. this is NOT what i told that dumb lady! my lawyer dismissed my case today.

i NEED a car. i need to get back and forth to highschool, college, AND work. how do i fix this? i bought my car with all the money my grandmother left me and i don't have anything left. is there a way i can call the baltimore police department and get the report fixed correctly? is that possible? HELP!!! im so depressed, im near crying :(


uninsured motorist won't cover it because the police report is wrong, i've tried. i don't have collision coverage, just liability. but thanks :(

Update 2:

-sigh- thanks. curses to my dad for getting my liability!!

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    1 decade ago
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    If all you have is liability coverage, correcting the police report won't help you. You chose not have collision coverage, and this is what can happen. There's no way to track the other party to hold them responsible, so you have to bear the expense. Sorry.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Did you turn this into your insurance company? Do you carry uninsured motorist coverage or collision coverage on your car? It sounds like it would be an uninsured motorist claim. If it turns out that they won't cover you under your uninsured motorist coverage, then you collision should cover your car. In this case you should get the money for your car to get another one.

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