What should I do with extra breast milk?

I have a TON of extra breastmilk in the freezer, and I'm still producing more per day than my son needs. Pretty soon, we will be reaching the 4 months time period (they say frozen milk is good for 3-4 months in the freezer). Should I start feeding him the frozen milk and freeze the new milk or just give him the new milk? (I refrigerate it while I'm at work).

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    I know this might sound odd, but you could donate it. There are milk banks all over the U.S. that collect donations of excess breast milk. Milk banks exist because many babies can't tolerate anything but human milk. Infants with failure to thrive (FTT), formula intolerance, allergies and certain other medical conditions may require real human milk for health and even for survival. When the mother can't produce enough to feed the newborn they turn to milk banks.

    Below is a list of milk banks in case you want to research it and maybe consider the possibility.

    You can also donate internationally by going through: http://www.breastmilkproject.org/

    Milk banks in North America include:

    Mothers' Milk Bank

    P/SL Medical Center

    Denver, CO

    (303) 869-1888

    Mother's Milk Bank

    C & W Lactation Services

    Vancouver, B.C., Canada

    (604) 875-2282

    Mothers' Milk Bank

    Valley Medical Center

    San Jose, CA

    (408) 998-4550

    Lactation Center & Mothers' Milk Bank


    Raleigh, NC

    (919) 350-8599

    The Mother's Milk Bank - Special Care Nursery

    Christiana Hospital

    Newark, DE

    (302) 733-2340

    Mothers' Milk Bank at Austin

    900 E. 30th Street, Suite 101

    Austin, TX

    (512) 494-0800


  • You could donate it to a milk bank. That would be a wonderful thing to do! If you don't want to do that you can do just as you said and feed him the milk you have stocked up now and freeze the new. You may also want to consider getting a deep freezer. They can hold breastmilk for up to 6 months.

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    Don't throw out the extra milk! See if there are any clinics taking milk donations - some mothers are desperate for extra breastmilk, and it can be a huge help. If there is a La Leche League in your area, see if they have a milk bank or know any moms who could really use the milk.

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    I would give him the frozen (if it does not stink). Mine and others I've talked to say that their breastmilk smells bad....different from fresh from the breast. I ended up dumping a bunch of my frozen b/c I just didn't think it smelled right. And freeze the new. I would label my breastmilk containers with the date and would feed the oldest first.

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    donate it! that's what I do, they will take your previously expressed milk too, and they'll give you a free pump if you want it (hey a backup is always nice to have!) (I donate to the international breast milk project).

    do NOT use the frozen in place of the new, the new milk has all the antibodies and is better for your baby, nothing wrong with the old, but the new is the better given the choice.

    If you do donate, be sure to keep a small supply for emergencies in case you have to go on a med or something.

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    If you are somewhere where there are not laws on selling unpasteurized milk you can sell it. Seriously, some women in the Netherlands sold a litre a day. There are also something called Milk Banks, you can google that, and donate it. They pasteurize it, I believe.

    I wouldnt freeze the new milk though, and thaw the old. I think that loses some of the nutrients.

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    I would start using the frozen and freezing the new. I had to do the same thing with my little one when I was feeding him breastmilk.

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    Breast milk can be used in regular foods, if you're not afraid to try. You can also make soaps out of them, and they can also work for diaper rashes, eczema, pink eye, little scratches and cuts. Just google all the things you can use it for! Instead of using regular milk for scrambled eggs, custard, etc. you can use your own breastmilk and save on buying milk for now.

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    Why don't you check to see if you have a local milk bank, or if there are any preemies in the hospital that could use it?

    In my circle of friends, a bunch of us nursing mothers were "dairy fairies" to another mom who adopted a preemie baby. That breastmilk made a HUGE difference in his health and well being. And it's SO easily digestable.

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    Start using your frozen milk and just replace it with newly expressed milk! That's what I do.

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